Where to Put a TV in the Bedroom: 8 Ideas and Tips

Bedroom with TV sitting area

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Adding a television to the bedroom is often a subject of debate since many people enjoy watching their favorite shows from the comfort of their bed but may have a hard time integrating a TV into their room's layout. Consider some important factors when deciding to put a television in your bedroom, along with these seven suggestions on where to put it. 

What to Consider When Putting a TV in the Bedroom

Before placing a TV wherever it fits in the room, you must consider how easily it can be viewed from various angles. If you would like to watch TV in bed, be sure to place it in an area that can easily be viewed while laying down, such as on a wall at the foot of the bed or a dresser nearby. If you have a small seating area in your bedroom, you may wish to place it in the viewing range of your favorite chair. Wherever you decide to place it, be sure the center of the TV is at eye level from your desired viewing spot.  

Another important thing to consider is any glare from windows. It is best not to place a TV directly in front of or opposite a sunny window. Placing it in front of a window can cause eye strain due to the light coming in behind it. On the other hand, placing it directly opposite the window will create glare on the screen.  

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    Mounted on the Wall

    TV mounted on feature wall in bedroom

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    One of the simplest options for where to put a TV in the bedroom is to mount it on the wall. Doing so keeps flat surfaces open, eliminating a busy, cluttered appearance.

    To really elevate the appearance of a wall-mounted television, incorporate it into a feature wall. Accent lighting can help to enhance the appearance of the design. Since the TV serves as a natural focal point, ensuring that the background is aesthetically pleasing is key to making the design look intentional.

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    Treat It Like a Painting

    TV with art display above dresser

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    Some smart televisions have the option to display artwork when not in use. This is a perfect option for those wishing to include a TV without it being an obvious feature in the room. Simply hang your TV where you would hang a painting or piece of artwork for display. 

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    Center It on a Dresser

    TV dresser bedroom

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    One of the most popular spots to place a TV in a bedroom is on top of a dresser or hanging above it. This is a convenient spot, as most bedrooms already have a dresser in the room, and these large furnishings provide plenty of sturdy, flat space to place the TV on. If you choose to hang the TV on the wall, center it above the dresser. It creates a natural focal point while keeping the dresser surface open.

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    Incorporate It Into a Gallery Wall

    TV in bedroom with framed art

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    Incorporating the TV into a gallery wall helps spread the focus to other art pieces and photographs. This prevents the TV from dominating the wall and softens its presence. For example, adding a TV to a gallery wall of black-and-white photos or artwork will soften the black screen when the TV is off and allow it to blend more naturally in the room. 

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    Place It Near a Sitting Area

    Bedroom with TV sitting area

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    Besides placing it near the bed on a dresser or TV stand, TVs can also be placed near armchairs or small seating areas that may be present in a bedroom. This is perfect for creating a personal nook for unwinding or for creating a cozy atmosphere to lounge in without having to get into bed. 

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    Keep It Out of Sight

    TV mounted on wall in white bedroom

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    For those who like the idea of a TV in the bedroom but are less thrilled about its looks, try placing it out of the field of view from the doorway. As you pass by or look in the room, the television won't be the first thing you see.

    Depending on the configuration of your space, this may mean mounting it around a corner or on the other side of a tall dresser. Just be sure that wherever the TV is placed that it can still be comfortably viewed from its intended viewing spot. 

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    Hide It in a Cabinet or Armoire

    TV inside of cabinet in bedroom

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    Another popular option for those wishing to hide the TV during the day is to place it inside a cabinet or armoire. This way, the doors of the armoire can be shut when the TV is not in use, hiding the screen completely out of sight. Some cabinets even come with a large open space designed for TVs.

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    Place It on Built-In Shelving

    TV on shelf bedroom

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    If you have built-in shelving in your bedroom, this makes another innovative place to install a TV. Try incorporating it between other decor items, such as plants, books, vases, or pictures. This will make the addition of the TV feel natural. If you wish, doors or sliding panels can be added to hide the screen when not in use.