Where to Put Air Plants: 7 Ideas

Different tillandsia plants on white table in gold wire displays

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There are hundreds of types of air plants (Tillandsia), and it's no wonder these versatile species are so popular as houseplants. Caring for air plants is straightforward, they don't take up a lot of space, and because they don't need potting in soil, you can really get creative with how you display them around your home. Just pick somewhere with good air circulation, where they can get enough filtered light and warmth, and in a spot that makes it easy to move them when it's time for watering.

Why Don't Air Plants Need Soil?

Air plants are epiphytic species, and in the wild, with their short, wiry roots, they grow on trees, rock faces, and other plants rather than in soil. The native habitat of many air plants is on tree trunks and high branches in tropical rainforests.

Air plants have an ingenious ability to absorb the nutrients and moisture they need from the air around them and don't need soil to survive. Some epiphytes are adaptable enough to grow in soil (such as the staghorn fern and some moss species), but they'll need to be particularly dry and well-draining. The roots of these plants are only needed to anchor them in position.

How and where you display your air plants depends on your room decor, available filtered light, and how your budget or DIY skills measure up.

Check out these imaginative ideas for where to put air plants in your home for a bit of inspiration.

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    Boho Macrame Hangers

    Three macrame hangers containing air plants

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    Macrame plant hangers are perfect if you're looking to display your air plants in a room with a boho style vibe. If you're feeling really creative, you can even have a go at making one of these hangers yourself. Make sure you select a size that won't swallow your plant and a color that goes with the decor in the space.

    If you're planning to use misting to water your air plant, then you might want to opt for a different holder rather than an absorbent fabric macrame hanger.

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    Handmade Concrete Planters

    Handmade concrete planters

    @lindamakess_ / Instagram

    These rainbow-layered mini concrete plants are perfect for brightening up any space in your home. And, if you're a pottery enthusiast, you could have a go at making some yourself. Just be sure to glaze them so they can handle any mistings you might give them.

    Remember not to add a potting medium to these containers as few air plant varieties survive in soil. And don't be tempted to pour water into the container for irrigation. While you need to water your air plants regularly, this should be done with light misting and soaking or dunking every one or two weeks. Exact requirements vary depending on the species and your home conditions.

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    Seaside Shells

    Air plants in a shell

    @our_vintage_garage / Instagram

    If you're home has a coastal decor theme, adding some shell planters for your air plants is a perfect fit. Why not beach comb and find shells that are a suitable size and shape for an eco-friendly, natural display option.

    You can buy some air plants already in shell displays, but often they're glued down. You''ll want to gently release them from the adhesive to make watering and caring for them less tricky. And, if your watering them in the shell, make sure you empty any water out the bottom—standing water is not this plant's friend.

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    Mini Modern Wooden Shelves

    White minimalist office with a small airplant on a wooden hanger

    Blanco Bungalow

    This modern but simple air plant shelf with a gold border fits perfectly with the color scheme in this minimalist desk set up. And they always say that a clutter-free space helps produce a clutter-free head—perfect for a smart working arrangement.

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    DIY Tillandsia Box Shelf

    Air plants in a ceramic planter and mesh display

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    The trend for plant shelfies as a decor statement continues to grow. If you don't want to use a shelf for your air plants, why not try a box instead? This wire box is ideal for promoting good air circulation, which is important for Tillandsia. And there's plenty of space to display more plants if offshoots, known as "pups", develop.

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    Vintage Bird Cage

    Air plant in a small antique bird cage

    @plantsnantiques / Instagram

    Decorating with vintage accents is perfect if you love styles like shabby chic, boho, or farmhouse. And you can't get more unique than using an antique mini birdcage. It's a great example of an inexpensive and simple upcycling project.

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    A Glass Garden

    Hanging globe terrarium with an air plant inside

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    On-trend and artful terrariums are perfect for creating the humid microclimate that air plants thrive in. Making your own terrarium isn't too tricky if you pick the right complementing plants and position.