Where To Shut Off The Water

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    Where To Shut Off The Water

    Hose bib
    Turn off the water. zeafonso/stock.xchng

    Do you have a leak? Need to replace or repair a plumbing fixture? In either case you will need to start by finding the water shut off to that fixture.

    In most cases there are at least 2 or 3 places to shut off water to a plumbing fixture. So, here are your options.

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    At The Fixture

    Fixture Shut Off Valve
    Faucet shut off valves. Aaron Stickley

    1. Check the fixture itself. Behind the toilet or under the sink there should be shut off valves. If something is giving you problems or you are making a repair try shutting the water off here first.

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    At The Water Heater - For Hot Water

    Water Heater Shut Off Valve
    Hot water shut off valve. Aaron Stickley
    If you are working on a hot water line of some sort or it is hot water that is leaking, there is a shut off valve above the hot water heater. This valve will shut off just the hot water supply to the house.
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    At The Main Shutoff Valve

    Main Shut Off Valve
    Main water supply to the house. Aaron Stickley
    The main shutoff to the house. This can usually be found out in the front of the house if that is where the meter is located. If you are in colder locations the main shutoff may be located in the basement.
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    At The Water Meter

    Water Meter Shut Off Valve
    Shut off valve on water meter. Aaron Stickley
    At the water meter itself. Water meter boxes sometimes have 2 shutoff valves one on the customer side and one on the city side of the meter.