Where Should You Store Your Vacuum When You’re Not Using It?

Pros Weigh in on Whether Making Your Vacuum Part of Your Decor Is an Option

Laundry Room With Beige Wall And Parquet Floor With Washing Machine, Dryer, Laundry Basket And Folded Towels In The Cabinet.
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In an ideal world, every home would be full of secret, ingenious solutions for all our home’s necessities. But in the real world? Storage space is limited, and sometimes, you have to prioritize a place for your clothes over everything else.

So, if your home doesn’t have a utility closet or a laundry room, where do you stick the big stuff that you still need, like a vacuum? With this common quandary in mind, Samsung recently announced its newest product: the Bespoke Jet, “a cordless vacuum cleaner with an All-in-One Clean Station” that’s meant to be left out and on display. 

While a meant-to-be-displayed vacuum is certainly a solution to the where to store your vacuum question, it might not be for everyone. We turned to the experts to ask how they feel about this as an option, and if you’re not ready to shell out for a new vacuum that’s pretty enough to be displayed, what other creative storage solutions exist?

First, Consider Your Decor

Jeremy Tompson, strategic cleaning advisor at cleaning services finder YouthfulHome.com, says that when it comes to committing to a vacuum like Samsung’s latest, your first consideration should be your aesthetic. “Whether or not to display the Bespoke Vacuum depends entirely on the decor of the home, particularly the kitchen area,” he says. “If your interior style is contemporary with virtual assistance home speakers and sleek appliances in view, this Samsung vacuum will blend in and be pretty much invisible. However, it would stand out in a house with traditional or farmhouse styling.”

“[But] in the right setting, the Bespoke vacuum could be a cool addition, even a conversation starter,” he says. “In the wrong setting, it will look like you forgot to put it away. The difference is whether or not it fits its surroundings.”

Anna Franklin of Stone House Collective agrees, calling the Samsung model sleek and cool. “It’s wildly practical for families, and it’s one of the better designs I’ve seen,” she says. “Make it part of your decor, if you want!”

Tompson also notes that storing a pretty vacuum in plain view might not be the ultimate solution it seems—there are other potential barriers. “This vacuum will need to be stored where there is an electrical outlet to plug in the charging station. If you don’t have a laundry room or garage, you should consider a closet or pantry that has an outlet nearby,” he says.

Still, an electrical cord isn’t the most visually pleasing. “Try to run the vacuum’s electrical cord along the floor, under the door, and along the baseboard to the outlet,” Tompson suggests. “[Attach] the cord to the baseboard with large staples.”

A Major Upside of Storing Your Vacuum in View: Easy Access

As Kathryn Lord from More to Organising notes, having your vacuum on display means it’s extremely accessible. “I think having a vacuum on display means it is more likely to be used by all the family, as it is to hand,” she says. 

Jane Stoller, founder of Organized Jane and author of Decluttering for Dummies, agrees. “Displaying your vacuum is a great idea, especially as many new vacuums are aesthetically pleasing—like this one from Samsung,” she says. “Consider displaying your vacuum in a room that you regularly clean and vacuum, and in a spot where it is easy to grab. Not only is this practical, but it will encourage you to use it more often. It might encourage others in your house to also use it more!”

Consider a Small-but-Visible Option

While the Samsung Bespoke Jet model might be perfect for some, others point out that their vacuums are on display—they’re just a little bit smaller. “I do display my vacuum, but because it is a robot hoover, which is very small and neat,” says Lord.

“One of my absolute favorite inventions is the Roomba!” agrees Decorist designer Tina Martindelcampo. “It’s the best space-saving vacuum, shaped like a round disc, and some of the docking stations can fit under a cabinet to be concealed. The latest Roombas have self-emptying docking stations (incredible) and also can mop your floors if you need. You can leave it running while you go off to work and it will get back to its docking station when it has completed its cleaning. Just as good as a maid, if you ask me.”

Look for Creative Storage Options

As mDesign spokespeople, Ryan Eiesland and Brandie Larsen of the Home Sort are all about thinking creatively. If you’re struggling to store a vacuum you already own that can’t be displayed, “think outside the box,” encourage the duo. “Try a cute hook to hang your vacuum, [or] storing your vacuum in an empty cabinet, out of view.”

But Stoller points out that sourcing a cabinet for your vacuum might not the best simple solution it seems to be: “Cupboards and closets are hard to store vacuums, in since they are usually the wrong dimensions, therefore finding a nook in your home where it can be displayed is the perfect option."

On the other hand, Martindelcampo suggests finding something custom-sized to suit your needs. “For clients who live in small spaces or have minimal storage closets, I often suggest a stylish armoire or cabinet to conceal items like a vacuum, etc,” she says. 

Still, she understands that this might not be possible—and in that case, Martindelcampo agrees with Eiesland and Larsen: “Another option is to mount/hang vacuum on the back of a closet or bedroom door, to conceal and space save if you choose not to look at your vacuum.”