Which Colors Are Best Feng Shui for the Business Logo?

Feng shui and your business logo: use color to your benefit

feng shui colors business logo design
Best feng shui advice is to experiment with several colors of the feng shui elements you need and ask for feedback on which colors create the most response. Test your choice of business logo colors on your friends and family, see how they react to them. Shan Shui/Getty Images

Question: I am opening a new business, a gift shop with handmade items from around the world. My business logo is a love heart which is wrapped in a bow. I read that purple and silver are lucky feng shui business colors, is that true? Which colors are best feng shui for my business logo? 

Answer: Feng shui of business logos, including business logo colors, is certainly an interesting feng shui application to explore. Customers' initial response to colors and images is stronger than the response to words, so it is sure wise to look into good feng shui of colors for specific business logos.
The first step in defining best feng shui colors for your logo is to define the main feng shui element of your business. This might be a bit complicated, as any business is a combination of elements, but there are simple feng shui basics you can apply to help clarify the predominant element.
When you know the feng shui element category of your business the next step is to do your best in defining the secondary element of your business as expressed by the specific products you sell to your target audience.
For example, a restaurant/food related business is in the fire element category, as cooking is an expression of the Fire feng shui element. So, a pizza or a seafood restaurant will often have Fire element colors in their logo design. Rarely you will see a successful pizza place with green or blue colors as the main colors in the business logo design, as these colors can limit the success of the business.
However, a cafe that specializes in healthy dishes and fresh juices will benefit more from green and blue colors, rather than the fire energy of the red and orange colors. Why? Because their focus is on health and fresh foods (not cooked).
So, as you see, even though both businesses are in the same feng shui element category of Fire, they will be most successful by applying different element colors in their business logo design.
A retail business generally also falls under the category of the Fire feng shui element, because you need to create the fiery energy of excitement to stimulate sales and encourage repeat customers. However, a retail shop that sells wedding gowns, for example, will benefit the most from the soothing water element colors rather than fire colors.

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I am giving these examples before actually answering your question to help you understand that there are no definite rules. After you have done your initial research on the feng shui elements you always have to play a bit with different colors to discover what feels right for your target audience.
Best feng shui advice is to experiment with different colors of the feng shui elements you need and ask for feedback to see which colors create the most response. Test your proposed business logo colors on your friends and family, see how they react to them.
Purple and silver is a beautiful combination, but you have to be sure you really like it. Be sure these colors really express the nature of your business, as well as your own passion for your work.
The energy of handcrafted items from around the world is more an expression of the warm and friendly Earth feng shui element, while your chosen purple and silver color combo creates a bit of a cold (and classy) combination with a touch of luxury to it.

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The heart is one of the most beautiful symbols, but it is also one of the most over-used, visually, as any good graphic designer will tell you. So, as you explore best colors, you can also explore alternative images and symbols. Make a list of several other images that can express the essence of what you will be selling. Are there any other images that can express more clearly the nature of your business?
When it comes to a retail shop, you also want to be sure the logo colors will look good in your store interior, as well as business signage outside the store, as it is always best feng shui to be consistent with your visual messages.
Last but not least, when choosing your colors for your business logo it is also recommended to check the feng shui birth element of the business owner to be sure that the chosen colors will support, rather than weaken your own energy.
I hope this does not sound too complicated, but rather inspires and empowers you to create a business logo that both you and your customers will love.

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