Which Wreath is Right for Your Living Room?

If You Need a Little Inspiration Check out These 10 Holiday Wreaths

Choosing a wreath can be a surprisingly difficult task. With all of the options out there it can be a little overwhelming. Should you go with traditional, modern, full, sparse, natural, fake - the list goes on!

Before making a decision consider where you're going to put it. Over the mantel? Hanging in the window? Measure, think about what will be around it, and think about the rest of your decor. Your wreath should make a statement while complimenting the surrounding room and everything else...MORE in it.

When used over mantles (the most common spot in a living room) wreaths become focal points and the center pieces of the holiday decor. So don't discount the importance of choosing the right one. Give it some thought and look at a few different options before making a final decision.

If you're having some trouble consider the following 10 options. Some are traditional, some less so, but ultimately they can all work in the holiday season in a variety of different rooms and settings.


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    Red Wreath with Pears and Berries

    Red Wreath with Pears and Berries. Christina Schmidhofer / Getty Images
    This red wreath has subtle holiday shimmer thanks to the miniature sparkles covering all of the fruits and berries. It looks almost like it's frosted over making it work perfectly in the cold-weather months.


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    Green Christmas Wreath

    Green Christmas Wreath. Linda Burgess / Getty Images
    This green Christmas wreath is holiday-specific due to its use of greenery and festive ribbon. The lime ornaments give it a bit of a contemporary look, but ultimately it would work with just about any holiday decorating scheme.


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    Green Leaf Wreath

    Green Leaf Wreath. Hero Images / Getty Images
    A green leaf wreath is beautiful around the holidays but can most certainly transition to different times of the year. The simplicity of this wreath works well when combined with other simple holiday decorations.


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    Wreath of Fresh and Dried Flowers

    Wreath of Fresh and Dried Flowers. Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images
    A floral wreath works at any time of year, but the deep, rich colors of this one would look particularly nice in the fall and winter. It would look spectacular with classic red and green holiday decor.


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    Lavender Wreath

    Lavender Wreath. Pottery Barn
    Lavender wreaths are often used in the spring, but there's no reason why they couldn't transition into fall and winter when displayed with seasonal accessories. Silver ornaments and accessories would look particularly nice paired with the soft purple color.


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    Christmas Wreath

    Christmas Wreath. Massimo Ravera / Getty Images
    Sparkly seasonal items make this wreath practically scream Christmas. It would look stunning paired with silver and gold accessories and just about any other holiday decor scheme.


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    Colorful Wreath

    Colorful Wreath. Michael C. / Getty Images
    A cute and colorful wreath is at home in the living room anytime of year. This one would look great if hung from a wide satin ribbon in one of the colors found within it.


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    Silver Wreath

    Silver Wreath. Fuse / Getty Images
    Spray paint any wreath silver and you've got an instant holiday uplift. This look is quite classic but could be fun if used in more contemporary interiors as well.


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    Rose Wreath

    Rose Wreath. Michael H. / Getty Images
    Roses are always in style. While this wreath doesn't look like a traditional holiday piece, it could definitely be made to be part of a Christmas decor scheme. It would look great paired with silver ornaments and accessories.


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    Wreath of Dahlia, Rose and Lisianthus

    Wreath of Dahlia, Spray Rose, Rose and Lisianthus. Michael H. / Getty Images
    A wreath made out of pastel flowers is great for any time of year. At first glance it looks like a spring piece, but there's no reason it can't be part of a unique holiday color scheme. Add a little sparkle and voila!