10 Pristine White Bathroom Ideas

large mirror bathroom

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Like the also-popular, white kitchen, there is no such thing as a truly white bathroom. Usually, there is some type of contrasting element—a black accent tile strip, gray trim, off-white ceiling. Even the whites chosen for the field paint (that is, the main section of walls) do not have to be absolutely white.

As you will see in the following pages, many variations of white are possible, while still maintaining that classic white bathroom feel.

There aren't many readily identifiable bathroom styles. But the white bathroom is one that we can easily capitalize and proceed with a "the," as in The White Bathroom. It's a thing for some people. It represents purity, hygiene. 

It also shows off dirt, grime, errant hairs, and bodily fluids, which can be either good or bad, depending on your point of view. Good if you're the type who likes to catch things in their early stages. Bad if you're the "sweep it under the carpet" type. 

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    Cream and Ivory White Bathroom Idea

    Creamy Ivory White Bathroom with Blue Trim
    Benjamin Moore

    Pictured from Benjamin Moore is a decidedly creamy, off-white —ivory, to be exact — that still falls in the range of whites. This is a good compromise for anyone who wants white but also wants some warmth. The grayish-blue trim and chair rail provide a much-needed contrast to what would otherwise be a bland room. Instead, the feeling is that of a coastal cottage.

    • Ivory Husk (walls, top, and bottom)
    • New Hope Gray (trim)


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    Contemporary Look

    Contemporary White Bathroom
    Benjamin Moore

    A crisp, modern white bathroom idea that leverages the clean horizontals and verticals. By providing a "blank slate background" (i.e., the white field color), accessories pop out. Example: the light-yellow towels take on new meaning when presented against the white room color.

    Example number two: especially important is the contrast between the room and the light-green glass vessel sink. This color of glass sink is popular, yet it often gets lost in the melee of colors in the room. Here, the sink shows up.  

    • American White (walls)
    • Cement Grey (trim)


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    For a Calming Effect

    white bathroom gallery
    Benjamin Moore

    This is a large, busy bathroom. But in this case, the white tones everything down and promotes a feeling of serenity.

    • Calm (walls and ceiling)
    • Acadia White (trim)


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    Space Relaxer

    white bathroom photo gallery
    Benjamin Moore

    Another white bathroom-that-isn't. If stark white scares you off, try a lusher white such as Vapor from Benjamin Moore. It takes the edge off of all of that empty space.

    • Vapor (walls and ceiling)
    • Sanctuary (trim)


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    Art Deco Touches

    white bathroom ideas
    Benjamin Moore

    This white bathroom employs a dead-black called Carbon Copy for those vertical lines.

    • Main walls: Chantilly Lace
    • Tub walls: Ice Cube Silver
    • Vertical trim: Carbon Copy


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    Partially White

    white bathrooms ideas
    Benjamin Moore

    Who said that white must be the majority color in white bathrooms? In this Southwestern-style bathroom, white is used only on the lower half of the walls.

    • Upper wall: Cream
    • Lower wall: White Cloud
    • Trim: Cloudy Sky


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    Snowy White

    ideas for white bathroom
    Benjamin Moore

    This is a very ​regal feeling white bathroom with massive columns in Fairview Taupe.

    • Lower walls: Snow White
    • Upper walls: Palest Pistachio
    • Columns: Fairview Taupe


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    Icy White

    white bathroom paint
    Benjamin Moore

    A cool white bathroom with an equally soft trim color, Easter Lily.

    • Walls: Ice Mist
    • Trim: Easter Lily


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    White and Black Bathroom Design

    white and black bathroom
    Benjamin Moore

    Now, the ultimate. The much-desired white and black bathroom. And for good reason. The liberal black lines give this bathroom a timeless, traditional look.

    • Walls: Winter White
    • Accent and trim: Black Beauty