Inspirational and Elegant White Bridal Bouquets

The bride's beautifully decorated bouquet of white roses and green leaves lies on a brown wooden bench. Wedding theme.
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White wedding flowers embody purity, innocence, and romance. Wedding styles come and go, but white never goes out of style: it’s a classic. Not all white flowers are crystalline white: shades of cream, ivory, and blush can shade white flower petals. Hints of green are common in white wedding blossoms as well.

Brides can choose white bridal bouquets for weddings that are contemporary or Victorian, formal or casual. The wide range of white flowers means florists can create white bouquets to suit any theme or mood.

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    White Anemone

    wedding bouquet
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    A bride considering an evening wedding or a formal black and white wedding should ask her florist about using white anemones with dark centers in her bridal bouquet. Anemones, also called windflowers, are in season from January through April, but brides willing to pay extra can buy imported anemones in the second half of the year.

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    White Peonies

    Bride hold the bouquet, closeup
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    Peonies, with their softball-sized blossoms, make a dramatic choice for a single blossom variety bridal bouquet. Keep in mind that you will find the largest peony blooms, up to six inches in diameter, during the seasonal months of May and June.

    Peonies symbolize bashfulness in the language of flowers, a sweet sentiment for a soft-spoken bride to convey through blooms. Peonies are softly fragrant, so if you pair them with other flowers you may want to choose unscented or very lightly scented blossoms like chrysanthemums to avoid clashing scents.

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    Macro of Beautiful Daisy Flowers Bouquet
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    Daisies are very affordable flowers for a low-cost wedding, so a bride can have a larger bouquet or can budget in bridesmaid’s bouquets for a large wedding party. Although the language of flowers shares that daisies symbolize innocence, an old wives tale suggests that the bride place a daisy in her left stocking to have a pregnancy soon after marriage!

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    White Bouquet With Abundant Greenery

    White Bridal Bouquet with Greenery
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    A white bridal bouquet can sport unexpected greenery to make it a memorable accessory. Consider structural greens that contrast with the softness of the flowers in the bouquet, such as the spiky green eryngium, grass-like green flax, or the giant leaves of monstera.

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    White Hypericum Berries

    White Bridal Bouquet With Berries
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    White hypericum berries add a rustic touch to a gathering of white cabbage roses and tulips. Look for in-season winter bouquet fillers like berries and twigs to switch it up from the typical greenery for some unexpected character. 

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    Incorporate Shells

    Close-Up Of Rose Bouquet
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    Tropical flowers like orchids are always popular at beach weddings, but brides can still have a traditional rose bridal bouquet with a tropical theme. Delicate shells are as pretty as blossoms, and hydrangeas add a whisper of blue to suggest the ocean backdrop.

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    White Arm Sheaf Bouquet With Chrysanthemums

    Chrysanthemum Bridal Bouquet
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    The arm sheaf bouquet or presentation bouquet commands attention, even in demure shades of white. The spider mums are an eye-catching blossom for hip brides, and Peruvian lilies add subtle purple accents. Other white flowers suitable for a presentation bridal bouquet include delphiniums, long-stemmed roses, or gladiolus.

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    Use Jewel Picks

    Bouquet Pearls
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    Brides in love with pearls can add pearl floral picks, pearl floral pins, or pearl floral sprays to their bridal bouquets. A single pearl at the tip of each rose blossom adds just the right flourish without looking like a 1980’s throwback. Clear crystals would look equally pretty as an embellishment to a white bridal bouquet.

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    Mixed Bouquet With Speedwell

    White Bridal Bouquet with roses, speedwell, and sea holly
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    There's nothing vanilla about this all-white bridal bouquet. Spiky white speedwell blooms and eryngium add fabulous texture without breaking the bank. Small baby's breath and even smaller bunches of Queen Anne's lace blooms fill every void in the bouquet, creating a casual arrangement that is fresh and inspiring, never boring. 

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    Use Succulents

    White Bridal Bouquet With Succulents
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    Using succulent plants in place of traditional greenery is a smart floral trend that isn't going anywhere. Besides the sculptural appeal of chunky succulent leaves, the plants are extremely long-lasting when cut, and may even be rooted as keepsake plants after the wedding ceremony.