21 Chic and Stylish White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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    White Kitchen Cabinets: A Timeless Choice

    It is a phrase we often utter: When it comes to enduring style, white kitchens are one of those classic home style decisions that stand the test of time. Anchoring these spaces are white cabinets, which to many can pale in comparison to fancier features like stone countertops or stainless steel appliances. But the classic staple is hardly colorless—metaphorically.

    From door styles to hardware, there are plenty of ways to make white cabinets pop. In some instances, sticking with plain vanilla can be equally stunning. The following ideas show how white cabinets can make your kitchen more interesting.

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    Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

    Two-toned cabinets have a practical purpose. In this example by interior designer Grant K. Gibson, the darker base cabinets anchor the cooking space. The white upper cabinets combined with the white subway tile keeps things feeling open and airy. The white cabinetry also draws your eyes upward making the average-sized kitchen feel twice its size.

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    Antique-Style White Kitchen Cabinets

    Here is a great way to add a little old-timey charm to your kitchen. After slightly distressing these white kitchen cabinets, the design team at Frankel Building Group applied an antique glaze. The finished project enhanced this kitchen's French Country vibe.

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    Secretly Inexpensive White Kitchen Cabinets

    You do not have to spend a bundle on custom cabinets to get that custom look. In this kitchen by interior designer Michele Gage, brass hardware elevates the big box store cabinetry. No one will know the difference!


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    White Kitchen Cabinets With Beadboard Doors

    Beadboard inserts give the white cabinets in this kitchen visual interest. While the paneled wood gives the cabinetry a more traditional look, the interior design team behind Bibby + Brady went with handleless doors for a contemporary twist.

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    White Cabinets in a Narrow Kitchen

    The interior designer behind Alys Design did not want to clutter this narrow kitchen with too many cabinets. She eliminated the upper white cabinetry to keep the space feeling uncluttered. Nine drawers were added to the kitchen island to make up for the lost storage space.

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    Elegant White Kitchen Cabinets

    White cabinetry adds to the drama in this cooking space by The Kitchen Studio. The owners of the home wanted the Cardiff marble backsplash to take center stage. The white cabinets make it a focal point.

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    White Cabinets Perfect for Farmhouse Kitchens

    White cabinets make the most of natural light in this modern farmhouse kitchen by House of Jade Interiors. Wood shelving and natural greenery keep the chic cooking space from feeling too formal.

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    White Kitchen Cabinets With a Complementary Countertop

    white kitchen cabinets open space

    White cabinets and black countertops are always a winning combination. Metallic accessories and stainless steel appliances also add to the flavor of this kitchen spotted on Homepolish.

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    Chalk Paint White Cabinets

    When it comes to refinishing old kitchen cabinets, there seem to be a gazillion types of paint to choose from. Linda, the decor blogger behind Craftaholics Anonymous, says chalk paint is the easiest way to get the job done. It is the only paint that does not require sanding and priming.

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    White Cabinets That Make a Statement

    Black handles and pulls stand out against the white cabinetry in this kitchen by Heidi Caillier Design. We love how the cabinets perfectly frame the statement-making oven backsplash.

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    Contrasting Cabinets for Contemporary Kitchens

    The color white is available in a broad range of both cool and warm shades. In this contemporary kitchen by Noelle Interiors, white lacquered cabinets in a cool shade of off-white offset the warm wood cabinetry.

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    California Kitchen With White Cabinets

    Traditional white cabinets feel absolutely beachy in this California kitchen by Noelle Interiors. The blue and green backsplash enhances the room's coastal charm. 

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    Warmed Up Modern White Cabinets

    minimal kitchen

    Minimal white kitchens are perfect for small spaces. But if floor-to-ceiling white cabinetry leaves you feeling chilly, borrow these ideas from Homepolish. The slab front doors on these cabinets were warmed up with brass hardware. Another stylish element adding some heat to this kitchen is the wood floor.

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    White Cabinets That Will Always Be Trending

    Shaker style white cabinets throw focus to the stunning blue backsplash made of handmade tiles in this kitchen by Orlando Soria. While the classic cabinetry will never fall out favor, the backsplash could always be updated several years later.

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    Glass Front Kitchen Cabinets in White

    Nothing says cottage charm like glass front kitchen cabinets. In this cooking space by Shannon Tate Interiors, white cabinetry is combined with gorgeous Spanish tile.

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    Raise the Ceiling With White Cabinets

    white cabinets with glass uppers

    The tall upper white cabinets in this kitchen seen on Homepolish makes the most of the high ceilings. The elegant crown molding on top makes you look up. This gives the illusion that the ceiling is much more elevated.

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    Best White Cabinets for Minimalist Kitchens

    This modern kitchen by LWK Kitchens London features flat front white cabinetry with a smooth and shiny lacquered finish. Cabinets like these are ideal for minimalist kitchens that prize both function and sleek design. The green backsplash takes the edge off the white.

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    White Cabinets for a Nautical-Inspired Kitchen

    White and blue are the perfect colors for a nautical-inspired kitchen. Here, McKinley Architects pairs a stunning blue tile backsplash with crisp white cabinetry. Wooden cabinet handles personalize the cooking space while reinforcing the seaworthy vibe. We got to admit that our favorite feature in this kitchen is the shiplap floor. The tongue-and-groove construction harkens back to the early days of shipbuilding.

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    White Cabinets With Retro Style

    If your old cabinets are still in good condition, do not toss them. When renovating this 1950s bungalow, Sarah Phipps Designs gave the cabinets, which were original to the home, a new life with paint. 

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    White Cabinets for a Galley-Style Kitchen

    Make a galley style kitchen feel more open and airy with light colors. EJ Interiors installed white cabinetry and marble countertops to create a cooking space that feels bright and polished. Several decorative accessories enliven the room with pops of blue.

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    Epic White Cabinets for a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

    Beautiful white cabinetry is what makes this modern farmhouse kitchen by Meagan Rae Interiors feel fresh, clean, and sparkling.