30 Ideas for White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Hardware

bright white kitchen with black knobs

Desiree Burns Interiors

There's nothing more classic than a black and white kitchen. If your white kitchen cabinets could use a hardware upgrade, there are many styles of black pulls and knobs that will shine in your space. We've rounded up 30 of our favorite kitchens that feature white cabinets with black hardware. These spaces prove that no matter your style, this color combination will always look sharp and stylish.

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    Upgrade Your Space With Small, Simple Pulls

    simple black hardware

    @rebeccas_brocante_cottage / Instagram

    Small black pulls like these can help you to easily transform your kitchen without breaking the bank. If you're renting a space and are less than thrilled with the existing hardware, consider swapping out those builder-grade pulls with a style like this one.

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    Mix and Match Hardware Shapes

    mix of black hardware styles in neutral kitchen

    @at_my_surrey_chalet / Instagram

    Don't be shy about alternating hardware types within your kitchen. This space features a mix of round black pulls as well as half circle ones.

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    Add Textural Accents to a Black and White Kitchen

    wide black drawer pulls

    @thewillowwindow / Instagram

    This kitchen proves that neutrals certainly don't have to be boring. Adding in textural accents, such as vases, baskets, and hanging light fixtures, will jazz up a simple black and white space.

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    Try Black Hardware in a Farmhouse Style Space

    farmhouse style kitchen

    @mojmalydomek / Instagram

    Black hardware is a classic in any type of kitchen. In this farmhouse style space, petite knobs pop against textured white cabinetry.

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    Combine Form and Function

    black drawer pulls on cabinets

    @seaspraycottage / Instagram

    Be mindful that your kitchen should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. If you're an active chef and frequently rummage around your space opening up drawers and cabinets, you will want to ensure that your hardware is sizable and easy to grab as needed.

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    Pay Attention to the Little Details

    simple contemporary kitchen with black hardware

    @kellyjoann1968 / Instagram

    Long, thin pulls coordinate well with the stripe-like backsplash design in this kitchen. It's the little details that make a space appear well-curated and thoughtfully planned.

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    Pair Black With Wooden Cabinetry

    black knobs and. wooden counters

    @murdockbuildersutah / Instagram

    We often see brass hardware paired with wooden cabinetry, but this space proves that black looks just as good. We love the combination of white upper cabinets and wood lower cabinets in this space, where the hardware pulls it all together.

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    Use Small Hardware for Big Impact

    round black knobs

    @cozytownhouse / Instagram

    Petite knobs pop against the white glass upper cabinetry in this kitchen. Hardware certainly doesn't need to be large in size to make an impact in a space.

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    Select From a Wide Range of Hardware Styles

    sleek black drawer pulls

    @living_delcidly / Instagram

    Long and narrow is the name of the hardware game in this kitchen. There are so many different styles of black hardware to choose from; be sure to explore a variety of options to determine what speaks to you and your space.

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    Use Black Hardware in New and Old Kitchens Alike

    black hardware and black and white floors

    @rachelsenay_ / Instagram

    Black hardware shines in older and more modern kitchens alike. The hue is so versatile and timeless. If you have an older kitchen that needs an upgrade but you don't have the budget for a full reno, swapping in black hardware can make it look more modern.

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    Switch Things Up

    small black knobs

    @emie.tm / Instagram

    In this kitchen, small round black knobs adorn the cabinets, while larger handles make it easy to open pantry doors while cooking.

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    Admire Black Hardware's Versatility

    white cabinets with round pulls

    @lindsay_salazar_photography / Instagram

    This kitchen features a mix of white and gray cabinetry, and black hardware proves to be an excellent choice in both instances.

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    Try This Contemporary Take

    thicker black pulls on white cabinets

    @spacesbyjuliana / Instagram

    Black hardware looks sharp in this clean, contemporary kitchen, which features a unique chevron design atop the subway tile backsplash.

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    Go Coastal, Modern, and More

    long sleek black pulls

    @karenberkemeyerhome / Instagram

    Filled with coastal furniture and accents, this kitchen also contains sleek black cabinet handles and drawer pulls, proving that black hardware can complement a range of aesthetics.

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    Add a Bit of Flair

    cottage style kitchen with black pulls

    @atlantabartlett / Instagram

    If you crave hardware with a bit of flair to it, by all means, go for it. The black pulls used to the left of the sink pair beautifully with the metal brackets used on the walls above.

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    Experiment With Multiple Finishes

    minimalist black pulls

    @joco.designstudio / Instagram

    Who says you have to pick just one finish in your kitchen? If you love black, copper, and brass, you can enjoy all of these elements at once, as the space here exemplifies.

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    Use Hardware as a Supporting Character

    black hardware and black trimmed cabinetry

    Design: Erika Jayne Design Build / Photo: Jenn Verrier

    The black glass upper cabinets in this kitchen are the star of the show in the space and call for corresponding black hardware that is just as sophisticated.

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    Implement Organic Accents

    simple black pulls

    @theverestplace / Instagram

    This pretty black and white kitchen features a bunch of organic elements that add an earthy tone to the space. Wooden accents are always welcome and warm up any space instantly.

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    Play Off Sleek Shelves

    black hardware and black metal open shelving

    Design: Third Street Architecture / Photo: Christy Kosnic

    Consider forgoing upper cabinets in lieu of special hanging open shelves like these. Add in a black faucet and coordinating drawer pulls to complete the setup.

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    Keep It Simple and Sweet

    small pulls and round knobs

    @mysimplehouse_ / Instagram

    Simple and minimal is the name of the hardware game in this kitchen. Who wouldn't want to spend time in this sunlit, airy space?

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    Alternate Cabinet Colors

    black and white pulls next to gold pulls

    @sky_ridge_farmhouse / Instagram

    This kitchen features white cabinetry with black hardware as well as a black island with gold drawer pulls. Don't be afraid to mix things up within one given space if you just can't settle on a singular style.

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    Install a Gorgeous Backsplash

    black pulls and herringbone backsplash

    @thereroninteriors / Instagram

    An artful herringbone backsplash adds energy to this classic black and white kitchen, tying the space together wonderfully.

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    Accessorize With Happy Hues

    bright white kitchen with black knobs

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Just because your kitchen is white with black hardware doesn't mean you can't embrace other hues within the space when selecting accent pieces such as a runner. A bold blue rug brightens up this neutral space instantly.

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    Don't Go Overboard in a Large Space

    white cabinets with many black pulls

    Design: Evelyn Pierce / Photo: Stylish Productions

    If your kitchen features cabinets and drawers galore, sticking with a simple hardware style is your best bet to ensure that the room doesn't appear too busy.

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    Skip the Reno With These Tricks

    farmhouse style cabinets with black pulls

    Louis Duncan-He

    The right hardware and light fixtures—like the moody pendants shown here—can go a long way in updating your kitchen, no renovation required.

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    Say Yes to a Fun Color Grouping

    modern kitchen with black pulls

    Louis Duncan-He

    Black, white, and mauve makes for an elegant color grouping. Here, this scheme adds a touch of glam to the kitchen.

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    Use Black Pulls With Marble

    black pulls complementing marble island

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    The black hardware on the white cabinets in this kitchen looks gorgeous alongside the marble island, which fuses together white and gray tones. This design continues onto the backsplash.

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    Try a Mix of Cabinetry and Open Shelving

    black metal pulls on white cabinets

    Design: Christina Kim / Photo: Raquel Langworthy

    Black hardware shines in this petite kitchen that boasts beautiful open shelving. Even if you plan to display many of your kitchen accessories so that they're within reach, you'll still want to incorporate cabinetry into the space to tuck away bulkier or more unsightly items.

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    Remember to Compromise

    black pulls and gold sconces

    Design: Christina Kim / Photo: Raquel Langworthy

    If you've selected black pulls for your kitchen but still find yourself drawn to another popular hardware hue—brass—note that the two finishes pair together nicely. Here, brass sconces draw the eye upward and prove that you can embrace the best of both worlds in one space.

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    Create an Airy Space

    black hardware and fixtures

    Design: Shannon Claire Interiors / Photo: Abby Jiu

    In this kitchen, black hardware complements the black faucets, sconces, pendant lights, and bar stools present throughout the space. Due to the white cabinets, walls, countertops, and hood, the kitchen still appears bright and airy despite the use of this dark color throughout.