White Kitchen Ideas From Contemporary to Country

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    White Kitchen Ideas: Paint, Cabinets, or Both

    Kitchen With White Cabinets and Open Beam Ceiling
    Kitchen With White Cabinets and Open Beam Ceiling. designbuildinhabit/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

    There are two main ways to remodel a kitchen and turn it into a white kitchen.  

    You can paint the cabinets white--a far more difficult task that it seems at first.

    Another approach is to paint the kitchen walls another color, yet install white kitchen cabinets. White thermofoil cabinets are perfect for this. 

    If you are looking at mainline cabinet makers like Kraftmaid, IKEA, or Merillat, you will find no shortage of white thermofoil cabinets in varying styles. 

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    White Kitchen Ideas: Coastal

    White Kitchen with Real Solid Wood Flooring
    White Kitchen with Real Solid Wood Flooring. Copyright KraftMaid

    A clean, coastal look with plenty of under-cabinet lighting for this kitchen.

    Make your kitchen cabinets really pop by installing rich, dark real solid hardwood flooring.

    From Kraftmaid

    • Finish- Dove White
    • Door Style- Square Raised Panel in Solid Maple
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    Gothic and Regal Style White Kitchen

    Gothic Style White Kitchen
    Gothic Style White Kitchen. © KraftMaid

    A very regal, formal large kitchen with almost Gothic touches.

    From Kraftmaid

    • Finish- Dove White
    • Door Style- Square Raised Panel in Solid Maple
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    Basic Thermofoil White Kitchen

    white thermofoil kitchen cabinets
    Copyright KraftMaid

    This is your simple, out-of-the-box white kitchen--courtesy of MDF and thermofoil. A perennial favorite.

    From KraftMaid

    • Cream Thermofoil.
    • Square raised panel style.
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    From White to Light: Farmhouse Style Kitchen

    country kitchen white
    Copyright KraftMaid

    A rustic farmhouse-style kitchen in a decidedly off-white color, verging on cream.

    The stainless steel hood, light, and in-cabinet lighting give this kitchen touches of urbanity.

    From KraftMaid

    • Biscotti w/Coconut Glaze
    • Door style - Square Recessed Panel - Solid Maple
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    White Tuscan Farmhouse Kitchen

    white farm house kitchen
    Copyright Merillat

    Note the antiqued white wood floor that complements this white kitchen. Tapered feet give the cabinets a more elevated, furniture-like look.

    This is Merillat's Classic® Avenue line with 5 piece drawer in Maple Chiffon with Tuscan Glaze.

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    Simple White Kitchen in Laminate

    white laminate kitchen cabinets
    Copyright Merillat

    This kitchen from Merillat's Inspiration Gallery is about as simple (and inexpensive) as it gets.

    From Merillat

    White laminate kitchen cabinets. Merillat Classic® Arbor Falls II cabinet line.

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    Contemporary, Cool White Kitchen

    contemporary white kitchen idea
    Copyright Merillat

    Cool, crisp, and contemporary, this kitchen hits the opposite end of the style spectrum from earlier incarnations. White laminate can go either basic or modern, depending on door style.

    These cabinets are from Merillat's Masterpiece® Glencoe series. The doors and boxes are white laminate.

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    Painted White Cabinets Against Electric Green Subway Tile

    white and green kitchen idea
    Copyright Merillat

    The contrast is evident.  When you have vibrant green subway tile like this, you need a contrasting color with the cabinets.

    These cabinets from Merillat are real wood painted Dove White.

    Painting your kitchen cabinets ensures that the wood grain shows through, unlike thermofoil or laminate which display no grain.

    Merillat Masterpiece line of cabinets, Laredo. Doors are made of maple, painted in Dove White.

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    Sleek White Thermofoil Cabinets for an Apartment Kitchen

    white kitchen apartment
    Copyright Merillat

    A white kitchen idea--perfect for your vacation house, a downstairs space, or an apartment.

    This kitchen comes from Merillat Essentials®, Rutland II line.

    The finish is white laminate.


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    Traditional Style White Country-Style Kitchen

    white kitchen ideas
    Copyright Kraftmaid

    This traditional style kitchen with white cabinets from Kraftmaid combines urban and rural with its heavy use of trimmed-out cabinets--including crown molding that runs along the tops of the cabinets.

    Open shelves and glass insets give this small kitchen an open-air look.

    • Finish - Dove White
    • Door Style- Square Recessed Panel in Solid Maple