How Many Calories Are in a Glass of White Wine?

glass white wine
Lauren Rosenbaum / Getty Images

Question: So just how many calories are in a glass of white wine?

Answer: The number of calories in a glass of white wine, depend on who is pouring the wine. The standard volume of wine used in most nutritional charts is based on a 4-ounce pour. Most white wines run along 25 calories per ounce, with some of the sweet or dessert wines, with higher levels of residual sugar, topping in a bit higher.

Keep in mind that most wine enthusiasts are more generous with their wine pours, and the average glass of wine poured by the consumer rocks out at 5-6 ounces.

It's not likely that many wine lovers whip out their measuring cup and notch their glass at the half cup mark before they pour into their wine glass. Most would be surprised at just what 4 ounces of wine really looks like in a modern wine glass.