4 Reasons Experts Say They Are Never Giving Up Their Top Sheets

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Who would have known that one little sheet could cause so much drama? In the bedding world, top sheets get people fired up. Some experts are adamantly all about them, and others could do without.

If you’re wondering “What the heck is a top sheet anyway?”, here’s what you need to know: a top sheet is a thin fabric that provides the final layer on your bed. Unlike the flat sheet that protects the mattress, a top sheet goes over the comforter, blankets, quilts, etc., and protects from damage or dust. Some may argue that it adds the final ‘flare’ to the bed-making.

But, is a top sheet really that necessary?

To get to the bottom of the dilemma, we’ve consulted a few experts to weigh in and share their opinions. Here are the reasons they are never giving up their top sheets.

Meet the Expert

  • Anki Spets is a New York-based small business owner and founder of AREA Home.
  • Torun Hannam is the founder of The Bamboo Shop.
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    They Provide a Perfect Cooling Layer

    Whether you’re a hot sleeper or not, no one can argue about the effectiveness of a cool, crisp sheet. Often made of linen or another light fabric, top sheets provide that gentle layer that covers but keeps you cool in warmer months.

    “For chillier seasons, a top sheet combined with a blanket under a duvet offers more options for layering, kicking-off, or draping yourself in, to achieve that perfect sleeping temperature,” says Anki Spets, a New York-based small business owner and founder of AREA Home.

    Temperature regulation when sleeping is a big one. Having that additional (but thin!) layer can help to keep from sweating or to provide a barrier between your body and other bedding layers.

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    They Upgrade the Look

    Regardless of whether you’re an avid bed-maker or could care less, there’s something to be said for the final touch to your room. While throw pillows and comforters can do the job, a top sheet creates the ‘hotel’ feel that really upgrades your space.

    In fact, one of the biggest reasons experts prefer top sheets is the practicality mixed with the refined feel. And let’s face it, our rooms—and how they look—do say a lot about us.

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    They Protect Delicate Duvet Covers

    Another reason experts rave about top sheets is the protection. How can a thin sheet protect anything? Well, just like the layer between your body and blanket, the top sheet creates a layer between a delicate duvet and the elements.

    “Never give up on your top sheet unless you wash and change your duvet cover as often as you change your pillowcase and fitted sheet,” shares Torun Hannam, Founder of The Bamboo Shop. “If your favourite duvet cover is more of the decorative variety and too delicate for the washing machine, you’ll definitely need a top sheet.”

    Rather than attempting to wash a delicate (and bulky) item, you can simply take the top sheet and run it through the washer whenever you need. That means less hassle, more protection, and you can keep the quality of your handmade quilt, duvet, or special blanket intact.

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    They Help With Skin Sensitivity

    If you have sensitive skin, a top sheet is a godsend. Just as it creates a protective layer for your duvet, it can do that for your body, too, which is important if you have any skin sensitivities.

    “If your duvet cover is made from anything but 100% natural fabric, you’ll want to add an all-natural top sheet layer closest to your body,” says Hannam. Something that is natural, breathable, and moisture-wicking, like cotton or bamboo, is best, she says.

Whether you have allergies or not, the top sheet also help with a variety of nighttime struggles—accidental spilling, sweating, or even scratching—rather than potentially ruining your duvet fabric or overheating to the point that you’re uncomfortable, top sheets are useful, keep you cool, and look pretty nice, too