The CLIMA Duvet Is the Only Duvet I Ever Want On My Bed

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I always sleep hot. In winter I burrow under the blankets then sweat all night, and in summer, well, it’s summer—it’s hot. I have tried every combination of bed dressings, using individual blankets, comforters, and throws, mixing and matching them in various combinations. No matter what I slept under, my bed transformed into a Dutch oven nightly and I roasted in it like chicken thigh.

Enter the CLIMA all-season comforter. Once I got it from Sijo, I’ve never looked back.

Sijo Clima Tech TempTune Comforter

Sijo CLIMA All-Season Comforter


The comforter keeps you cool thanks to some science that I am not going to pretend to understand. Sijo calls it “Phase Changing Technology.” Apparently, the comforter absorbs the heat your body gives off, then releases it back to you when your body temperature drops. It’s an osmosis of sorts that creates “a microclimate for your body.”

In terms of feel, it’s quite fluffy, maybe even fluffier than the down comforter I used to have on the bed. And when you put your hands on it, it’s cool to the touch. Besides the fact that I sleep more comfortably at night, that’s the biggest proof to me that this comforter really is constructed using some amazing science. It’s cool to the touch when I get in bed, then warms up as I cool down.

It even goes in the washing machine (okay, so they do recommend dry cleaning it, but SIJO says it’s fine to wash it at home as long as your machine is big enough to hold it). You just wash it on a gentle cycle in cold water, then toss it in dryer to tumble dry low. And if you have ever owned a duvet, you will appreciate this: it has loops for securing the duvet cover on the sides as well as in the corners. No lumpy bunching!

My partner loved his heavyweight comforter, and I wanted a lightweight one, but the CLIMA is something we can agree on.

My bedmate and I are in agreement that it’s fantastic. Before the CLIMA comforter, we disagreed about what to top the bed with. My partner loved his heavyweight comforter, and I wanted a lightweight one, but the CLIMA is something we can agree on. It seems to adapt to each of our body temperatures so we both sleep comfortably at night, even though he sleeps at a normal temperature and I run hot. Our previous comforter has been dubbed “the backup comforter” and is now stowed in the closet.

You can even feel good buying it, since the interior is made of recycled polyester and it is Global Recycling Standards (GRS) certified.

Getting a Sijo duvet cover isn’t required for the comforter to be able to do its job and keep you a nice temperature at night. In my experience, that has been true, but I just love the comforter so much, I think I may have to get a cover anyway.

Sijo CLIMA Cotton Duvet Cover

CLIMA cotton duvet cover


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