5 Reasons I Rent Furniture for My Apartment

Plus, the one thing Live Tinted CEO Deepica Mutyala says she'll never buy again

Deepica Mutyala, founder of Live Tinted beauty brand, poses in her apartment

Deepica Mutyala

When you think of buying versus renting, your mind probably goes straight to property—do you own your home, or do you pay someone else for the pleasure of living in your location of choice? While there are merits to both sides of that debate, Houston-based Deepica Mutyala, founder of Live Tinted beauty brand, is proposing a new idea: renting vs buying your furniture. And just as with renting a home, there are big perks to renting your furniture that you might not have considered.

We talked to Mutyala about all the reasons she decided to rent, what she learned, and the one piece she’ll never buy again.

Meet the Expert

Deepica Mutyala is the founder and CEO of Live Tinted, a beauty brand.

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    The Freedom of Flexibility

    Deepica Mutyala's Houston living room

    Deepica Mutyala

    “I decided to rent my furniture because I didn't feel it was the right time for me to commit to buying my own,” says Mutyala. Seeing as this is a key reason so many people choose to rent their homes, it makes total sense.

    Originally from Sugar Land, Texas, Mutyala has moved four times over the last decade, from college in Austin to Ohio, then onto New York, Los Angeles, and currently, Houston. “I'm always moving around, always traveling. I have no idea where I may be living in the next year! Because I move around so much, the hassle of moving furniture would be crazy. So at this point in my life, renting felt like the smartest decision for myself.”

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    No-Stress Packing or Unpacking

    Deepica Mutyala's Houston living room

    Deepica Mutyala

    Moving a lot also means packing and unpacking a lot. And as Mutyala learned, that stress is nearly eliminated when you rent your furniture. “The biggest perk is that I don't have to worry about packing it up when I move!” she says. It’s also one of the main perks of her rental company of choice, Feather, where she is an influencer-partner.

    "[They] take care of it. Also, I didn't need to worry about setting it up myself, either, or hauling the things up to my apartment. The Feather staff took care of all of those arrangements as well. It was hassle-free on my end completely.”

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    Different Companies, Different Aesthetics

    Deepika Mutyala's dining area features warm neutrals

    Deepica Mutyala

    Just as with traditional furniture shopping, each furniture rental company offers different styles. “Before renting with Feather, I looked at other furniture rental companies, but none of them fit my style,” says Mutyala, describing her own aesthetic as "comfy chic... warm colors that reflect my [Tinted] brand shades."

    As she shopped around to furnish her current apartment, Mutyala turned to her stylist, Hema Persad. Together, they created a mood board to reflect Mutyala's preferred look and feel. With the mood board as her guide, Mutyala was better able to select the best company—and Feather won out. “I love that [Feather's] furniture really fit [my look],” she says, so it was easy to furnish her whole home with one company. But you can also easily sort different pieces from different places.

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    Change Up Your Style Easily

    Deepica Mutyala poses in front of a single-line drawing and yellow florals

    Deepica Mutyala

    If you're not sure furniture renting makes sense for you because you don't move house that often, Deepica says there are other perks—even when she's staying in one place for a long period of time. Renting her furniture allows her to change her mind as often as she wants.

    “I like to switch out some staple items based on my current taste, so being able to rent instead of buy saves me a lot of money,” explains Mutyala. Plus, it’s much more eco-friendly to swap out rental pieces than try to re-home and buy new.

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    The One Thing She’ll Never Buy Again

    The sofa in Deepika Mutyala's Houston living room

    Deepica Mutyala

    “One thing that I feel I will never buy again is a couch,” says Mutyala. “Every year, my taste changes, and that is one item I end up often replacing. [Renting] has made being able to do so less costly and more fun because I get to switch it up as my style evolves.” Now, Mutyala says she spends about $645 a year on her sofa, able to replace it as she pleases.

If you’re concerned that renting your furniture will mean you end up with pieces that look used, Mutyala says this was her concern, too. “The website does say that some of their items are gently used,” she warns. But it turns out there was no need to worry.

“When the pieces arrived, I was blown away by the quality of all of the things I ordered. Everything I got looked brand new!”