5 Plant People Reveal Why They Love Plants More Than People

They don’t argue or talk back, and they aren’t going to break your heart

stylish plant collection on wood shelves

Getty Images / Bogdan Kurylo

If you’re a pet parent, chances are, you probably love your furry friend more than most humans. In fact, (true story) my fiancé’s son once asked me if I liked our family dog more than my fiancé. And, well… I had to be honest about who was the better affection-giver and cuddler.

That being said, the same goes for plants and the people who raise them.

If you’re a plant person, you know that most of your plant(s) are better than most humans. They don’t argue, they don’t talk back, they aren’t going to break your heart, and they’re going to be with you through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And unlike pets, they aren’t as needy.

But what, specifically, is the appeal to growing and loving plants over investing in relationships, children, or pets? I’ve asked some of the most plant-obsessed humans to see why they unapologetically love plants (more than people).

Plants Are Actually Forever

Or, at least longer than the average dating relationship.

In this digital day and age—think swipe left, swipe right mentality—it can be hard to find something genuine and real. With people who aren’t always clear about their intentions or motives, or confusion about what it actually means to be committed, plant people find that it’s easier to just invest in something that feels more secure and long-term.

Carlos, a So-Cal resident and small-town florist, agrees. “After my three-year engagement to a woman I thought was it… who ended up cheating on me with a bartender friend at our favorite weekend spot… I decided to make some big changes," he said.

"I opened this shop, took up surfing, and stopped focusing on the chase. Honestly, I’m not really looking for love or anything like that anymore—at least not human love. There’s a lot to be said about [plants and their] consistency. As long as I show up and take care of them every day, they’re here to stay.”

Your Plants Become Your Pride and Joy

When you’re a plant parent, your plants undoubtedly become your children. And unlike human children whose suspect choices reflect negatively on your parenting abilities, your plants aren’t going to let you down.

Maggie, a widowed mother of three (all who are long out of the house) thinks this is true. “Call me the crazy plant lady but having [plants] to take care of is a lot easier than my three boys," she said. "Over the years I did my fair share of 3 a.m. police calls, bailing from jail, and cleaning of messes… and let me tell you… I don’t miss those days.

"People say orchids are temperamental but not as temperamental as a teenager who has to do chores or a toddler in the bathtub! My oldest [son] is about to give me his first grandchild… all I have to say is good luck with that!”

They Understand and Accept Your Tendencies

Plants don’t judge.

Unlike a human companion who is most definitely going to raise his/her eyebrows at your third bowl of ice cream, or your furry friend who is going to give a deep whine when you don’t get off the couch to feed or take him/her for a walk, your plant is content to sit in its place without any guilt-tripping. There’s a mutual acceptance and understanding of the shared space that’s just... different.

“Plants let me be myself in my space,” Alli, the self-proclaimed ‘Plant Queen’ said. “There’s something really comforting in that.”

Plants Are Considerably More Low-Maintenance

None of us like to admit our high-maintenance tendencies, but if we’re being completely honest, we all have them. But you know who doesn’t? Plants.

Kelly, interior designer and budding botanist wasn't so sure about her ability to take care of plants at first. “I always thought plants were tricky to take care of," she said. "You always see the posts about people killing their most easy-to-take-care-of succulents or something, and you think, ‘Well, I definitely can’t take on that responsibility.’ But the more I’ve learned about plants the easier it really is.

Hate to say it, but I’ve had people in my life who require way more effort than a cactus that only needs a misting spray every few days,” Kelly said.

You Get More Return on the Investment

What’s the real draw to having a house full of plants? For Dave, recreational marijuana grower, there’s a real ROI that you just can’t ignore.

“I’m just not into spending money on people and fancy meals,” he says, commenting about the dating landscape. “I’d rather just build a growing business and focus on that.”

We hear you, Dave.

But even if you’re not using plants to make a profit, there’s still a return on the investment that can’t be ignored. Plants brighten your space, create ambiance, make a house feel like a home, and can unconsciously become companions to you—without all the extra baggage.

For all the plant people out there… are you nodding your head? Do you love plants more than people?