How to Fix Reasons You Can't Organize Everything

Organized walk-in closet


mariakraynova / Getty Images

It's happened before. You had a revelation to organize everything in your home. Maybe you saw a magazine article, heard a motivational speech, saw a friend's new closet system. More likely you spent an eight-hour block of time searching for someone's baseball uniform, ballet slippers, or worse yet, car keys. You've seen the blissful light of homemaking simplicity and eagerly run towards it, but midway you trip over your excuses. Can you organize everything? If you knock down these three roadblocks, you can speed away to uncluttered success.

Reasons Why You Can’t Get Organized: Myth #1

I don't have the time to get organized. I have way too much to do to set aside time to organize my life.

Many people believe that they are unable to set aside time to organize because of their hectic schedules. Those same schedules that are having us running everywhere all day are the reasons to get and stay organized. Without an organized home base we run the risk of clutter and chaos spreading to other parts of our lives. Think about the time saved when we eliminate lost items and last minute time emergencies from being an everyday occurrence.


  1. So you don't have a lot of time. Begin slowly by identifying areas of your home that cause chaos and disorder in your life. Don’t be afraid to work slowly towards your goals.
  2. Start with a project that only takes a small portion of the day like, Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet. Accomplishing just one tiny goal can give you the motivation to keep going and eventually organize everything.
  3. Find help. Get together with your family or friends to organize your home. Partner up with a friend to help you get started. One weekend works together to weed out her pantry and the next weekend does the same for yours.

Help, I Can’t Get Organized! Myth #2

I can’t afford to get organized. All the tools, shelving systems, racks, etc. cost way too much for me to be able to organize everything in my home.

For many people spending a chunk of money on a professional organizer and designer, shelving is not an option. There are ways to organize without emptying the wallet.


  1. It doesn’t take bucks to clear out the clutter. It only takes 4 containers and an iron will against the spread of stuff.
  2. Scour garage, yard, and estate sales for organizational equipment you need. This can be a great way to get storage options to organize everything without stretching your budget.
  3. Ask for organizational items for holiday presents. Sure a shelving system may not seem like a romantic anniversary gift, but the time saved in finding and putting away the contents of your closet can be used to rekindle the flame.

I’m Naturally Disorganized: Myth #3

I’m naturally disorganized, and I have no desire to change. My disorganization doesn’t cause any problems in my life.

It’s great when you find a system that works for you, and for some people, disorganization seems to be it. They work best in an atmosphere of chaos. If this is you, then you may not need to be organized. But, if your disorganization spills over to affect other people, then you may need to adjust your thinking. Do you pay bills late? Do you frequently forget appointments or show up late to functions? Is your home an inviting place, or one that your friends and family can’t feel comfortable in because of disorder?


  1. Try reaching a compromise in your life by organizing areas that affect other people or that have given you problems in the past. If you're usually late for meetings. Try creating a calendar system for yourself. Don't just assume that your lack of organization doesn't cause any problems for those around you. Don't be afraid to ask for feedback from those you care about.
  2. Consider a trial run of some new organizational ideas. You may find that changing your way of thinking and grouping allows you more freedom than you had before. Try using a paper day planner or a digital calendar app.
  3. Allow yourself to be you. If you have systems that seem like chaos to the casual observer but work for you, don't just discard them because of public opinion. There's no reason for your sock drawer to be organized by color, type, and texture if it's not essential to you. Even if you don't organize everything in your home, organizing the important things can give you more time and freedom.

Even with no money, no time, and no motivation, you can give yourself the skills to organize everything in your home. Throw out these three excuses with the clutter, and you’ll create the efficient and user-friendly home of your dreams.