22 Reasons Why You Want More Mommy Energy

What is Mommy Energy and why do you want more of it?

22 Reasons Why You Want More Mommy Energy
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Where ever you go and whatever you do you will want more Mommy Energy.  Why?  Because mommy energy is what enables you to do all that you do.  

Mommy energy is a precious energy source you are given when you become a mom.  

Have you ever have one of those awesome days when everything you set out to do was done?  Like you nailed it that day and was amazed by your accomplishments?  Mommy energy made that possible.

Things That Will Boost Your Mommy Energy

There are a number of things you can do to boost your Mommy Energy because energy is infinite.  You can boost energy when you need to if you are aware of why you need energy.

If you were able to get in a ten-minute meditation during lunch you'll feel a boost of energy that may carry you through until bedtime.  If your morning exit went smoothly you'll feel pumped to tackle your morning work.  If the kids listen well and go to bed on time you'll have the personal energy to finish your housework before you go to bed.  

Things That Will Zap Your Mommy Energy

A bad daycare drop off can zap your mommy energy so much that the rest of your day could be ruined.  If you sit at your desk for too long without a good stretch or mental break you could use to think about nothing or to glance at a picture of your kids can easily zap your mommy energy without you even noticing!


Lastly, if you find yourself making dinner while under the gun, which causes you stress, can zap the little mommy energy you may have left after a long day.  This results in a tough night taking care of the kids because your patience is thin.

Why You Need More Mommy Energy

There are a few reasons why you'd want more mommy energy.

 Here are a few examples.  You want more mommy energy so that:

  1. When you desire a change in your life you can find the courage to make it happen.
  2. When you want to get out of the rat race at your job you can focus on your needs and take action.
  3. You can make a clean break from a run-down Working Mom lifestyle and start creating a new one.
  4. You are able to mentally stop in the middle of the day so you can take a conscious deep breath.
  5. You can figure out how to create your new “normal” after maternity leave.
  6. You can forget about the comparison game with other working moms and focus on what you want in life.
  7. You don’t care about time as much and can become more mindful.
  8. You can say “yes” to fun more often instead of “some other time”.
  9. You can get to the important stuff and stop procrastinating (but you need to know what the important stuff is first!)
  10. You can stop unhealthy rants and start overcoming your challenges.
  11. You can start making plans on things you are passionate about doing.
  12. You can earn a gold star!  You want to bring home the goods and then have the energy to enjoy it! 
  13. You can get things done!  If you have a low amount energy you tend to make more mistakes, right?
  14. You can stop worrying so much.  When you have the energy to do things you do things that will stop your worrisome thoughts.  
  1. You can make a decision and be confident.
  2. You can face reality and deal with things. 
  3. You can stop putting off figuring things out!
  4. You know when to stop, put your guard down, and finally… relax.
  5. You can do things that make you feel like a kid again.
  6. You can discover there’s more inside yourself and you need the energy to get it out.
  7. You can open your eyes and realize your potential.
  8. You can feel light.


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