Wild Bird Species

Wild birds look and behave differently and being familiar with species' characteristics can help you identify them properly and understand their behavior.
Common tern with a black and white feathers flying
30 Best Birds to Watch for in Michigan
Blue and orange kingfisher bird sitting on branch
Fun Facts About Kingfishers
Japanese white-eye bird sitting on plant with red tubular flowers
25 Best Birds to Watch for in Hawaii
black-capped chickadee
20 Best Birds to Watch for in Ohio
Greater flamingo birds standing under tree branches
30 Florida Birds to Watch For
Pyrrhuloxia bird with light brown and red feathers standing on branch
25 Best Birds to Watch for in Texas
buzzard on a pole
What's the Difference Between Buzzards and Vultures?
illustration of birds that sing at night
12 Birds That Sing at Night
Greater Roadrunner
Fun Facts About Roadrunners
Blackburnian warbler
Amazing Birds With Orange Plumage
Wild turkey
Everything to Know About Wild Turkeys
White-crowned sparrow with yellow beak sitting on tree branch
Types of Sparrows
Scarlet tanager
12 Red Birds From Around the World
greater scaup
A Picture Gallery of Ducks
Acorn woodpecker
12 Types of North American Woodpeckers: Gallery & Identification
American Robin
Most Common Backyard Birds
Anna's hummingbird
Types of Hummingbirds in North America
Wild bird nest with cream-colored eggs with brown spots surrounded by wildflowers
Identify Wild Bird Nests With This Photo Gallery
wild bird eggs in a bowl
Wild Bird Egg Identification
American Tree Sparrow
Sparrow Identification Tips
Baby bird sitting in an evergreen tree.
Baby Bird Identification Tips
Cooper's Hawk in Flight
Cooper's Hawk or Sharp-Shinned Hawk?
House finch sitting on branch with red and brown feathers
House Finch or Purple Finch?
duck swimming
12 Different Types of Ducks With Examples
common gull
Shorebirds 101: Learn the Beach Birds
Brown and gray owl sitting on branch with head turned
Types of Birds of Prey
sea-faring birds
14 Types of Seabirds for Birdwatchers
Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove
fun facts about wild turkeys illustration
24 Surprising Wild Turkey Facts
Purple Martin
Fun Facts About Purple Martins
Anna's hummingbird
36 Fun Facts About Hummingbirds
Red-shouldered hawk standing on top of house with lizard in its mouth
Carnivorous Bird Species
Penguin eating while swimming
What Do Penguins Eat?
Brown and tan dove sitting on tree branch
How to Attract Doves
Young Male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Identification
Osprey standing on a tree branch with a fish in claws
How Birders Identify Ospreys
Cooper's hawk standing on pine needle tree branch
Cooper's Hawk Identification
Broad-billed hummingbird sitting on thin stem
North America Hummingbird Identification List
finch on a branch
Finches or Sparrows?
Red-headed vulture standing on branch with wings open
20+ Fun Facts About Vultures
Flamingo Pair
20 Fun Facts About Flamingos
Top 15 Most Popular Bird Species in North America
barred owl
236 Types of Owls: A-Z Species List
harlequin duck
Complete A to Z Duck Species List
Southern Cassowary
Flightless Birds: List of Species Around the World
Eagle Species List
Yellow bird clinging to bright green nest
10 Bird Nests: Species Identification by Nest Shape
Egyptian Vulture
Types of Vultures and Vulture Species List
Northern cardinal in the winter
Northern Cardinal
All About Swans
Common Loon
20 Best Birds to Watch for in Minnesota
House Sparrow
House Sparrow Identification Guide
American Robin
Fun Facts About American Robins
What Is a Sparrow?
Yellow-eyed junco bird standing on rock
Photo Gallery of Juncos
Anna's Hummingbird Feeding
What Is a Hummingbird?
Anna's hummingbird with pink and brown head sitting on branch
Anna's Hummingbird Bird Species Characteristics
California quail
California Quail
Nene - Hawaiian Goose
Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay
30 Best Birds to Watch for in Utah

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