Wild Birds

Both backyard birders and ornithologists will find relevant tips about their favorite birds, all written by an experienced expert in the field.
Anna's hummingbird
The 20 Types of Hummingbirds You'll Find in North America
Eurasian blue tit bird perched on branch
Parts of a Bird
European Goldfinch - Sick or Stunned
How Do I Recognize a Sick Bird?
Wood Duck Couple
How Do You Tell If a Bird Is Male or Female?
Song Sparrow Singing
Understanding the Sounds Birds Make
common gull
What Beach Bird Do You See? Learn the Shorebirds!
Anna's hummingbird
Discover 25 Fun Facts about Hummingbirds
Red-Tailed Hawk
What Is a Raptor?
flock of birds
Do You Know the Proper Names for Different Bird Flocks?
mother and ducklings
What Is a Baby Bird Called?
Pitcher Plants
You Won't Believe These 8 Weird Things That Eat Birds
Killdeer in the wild
How Long Do Birds Live?
free as a bird
Learn the TRUE Meaning of Bird Idioms and How They Relate to Birds
Canada Goose Family
Find out If Birds Really Mate for Life
House Sparrow in Winter
Ever Wonder How Wild Birds Keep Warm in the Winter?
baby bird in the desert
You Found a Baby Bird - Now What?
Northern Saw-Whet Owl
How to Go Looking for Owls
Hummingbird trapped inside a house
How to Get a Trapped Hummingbird Out of the House Safely
nesting bird
Why and How to Safely Discourage Nesting Birds
hummingbird in nest with babies
Everything You Need to Know About Hummingbird Nests
Barn Owl and Nesting Box
Invite Barn Owls to Nest in Your Yard With the Right Boxes
coot sitting on a nest
When Should Bird Nests Be Removed?
Chaffinch on a window sill
Know How to Help When Birds Hit Windows
One-legged gull
How Do Birds Lose Legs, and How Can You Help?
Sleeping Goose
How Do Birds Sleep?
Sandhill Cranes in Flight
Exactly Why Do Birds Bother Migrating?
Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird At Feeder
When Do Hummingbirds Migrate?
Acorn Woodpecker Drilling on a House
Woodpeckers Driving You Crazy? Here's What to Do
Canada Jay Attacking a Car Mirror
Is a Bird Pecking at Windows? Make It Stop!
Bald Eagle Preening
Why Is Preening So Important to Birds?
Anna's Hummingbird Showing Anger
Hummingbird Behavior and Aggression
Black-crowned night heron
Where Birds Go At Night, Anyway?
Pigeons in Love
Do Birds Have Feelings?
Sparrow Dust Bath
Why Do Birds Take Dust Baths?
Bird holding nesting twig
The Best Nesting Materials for Birds
Hummingbird and praying mantis
Overview of Hummingbird Predators
ducklings splashing through the water
Ducks Do a Lot More Than Quack
Blackburnian Warbler Singing
Why Do Birds Sing?
Common Yellowthroat Singing at Sunrise
Which Birds Sing the Dawn Chorus and Why
Mute Swan Mother and Her Newly Born Cygnet on Long Island
Learn the Stages of Baby Bird Growth
two Northern Cardinals
Why Is Spring Bird Mating Season?
swan couple
This is How Birds, Ahem, Get It On
Young Male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Identification
moretta duck
Examine the Parts of a Duck
Broad-Billed Hummingbird
Learn Your Hummers With This Hummingbird Identification List
12 Fun Facts About Baby Birds
Northern Cardinal
Fun Northern Cardinal Bird Trivia and Facts
grey heron
What Is a Bird and What Makes Birds Unique?
Osprey Talons
Learn All About Bird Talons and How They Are Used
Wild Turkey Portrait With Snood
What Is a Turkey's Snood?
Great horned owl owlet standing on the ground.
What Do You Call a Baby Owl?
A baby goose on some grass
What Do You Call a Baby Goose?
a drake of the mandarin species
What Makes a Duck a Drake?
Flamingo Feeding Crop Milk to its Chick
Do Birds Produce Milk for Their Young?
side profile of a bird
What Part of a Bird Is the Cloaca?
Color Spectrum
How Do Birds See Color?
Wet Baby Bird
Do These 5 Things and You Are Hurting Baby Birds!
Clark's Grebe Pair Mating Dance
Bird Mating Dances and Other Courtship Behavior
Titmouse Sunning
Why Do Birds Sunbathe?
Oregon Junco
A Fun Photo Gallery of Juncos