7 Paint Color Ideas for Wine Country Style Decorating

There is something so welcoming warm about wine country style decorating. Tourist destination wine regions like Napa and Sonoma are not only popular for their wine, but also for their ambiance and setting. Decorating in a California Wine Country style is more relaxed than the popular Tuscan-inspired style, and with more of a western influence.

If you've seen the movie, "Sideways" with the miles and miles of rolling hills covered in gold grass and beautiful green vineyards -- then...MORE you've seen the Santa Barbara County and California Wine Coast Country regions, which share the same gorgeous color palette as the California Wine Country, but with a touch of blue from the Pacific Ocean influence.

The colors of California's wine regions are natural and soft, with pale golds of the grassy hills, and dusty greens of the grape ​leaves. Wine country design inspiration can be found in the regional inns and restaurants, which incorporate the western style with local color. Local inns are a wonderful place to find inspiration for any regional style, as they often embrace the colors and cultures that draw tourists to the area.

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    A Relaxed Wine Country Neutral Vibe
    Photo: ©Blend Images/Getty Images

    Not all wine country inspired colors need to be rich and saturated. The simplest of neutrals, paired with soft white, reflect the peace and calm of your first morning waking up among the vineyards. HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams' Canvas Tan is a deliciously warm neutral that can calm any space in your home.

    Try: HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams - Canvas Tan SW 7531

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    Summer Harvest 380A-3 | Valspar
    Image: ©Behr Paints

     The sun rising over the vineyards, or setting over the golden hills, washes the California wine regions with a glorious yellow glow. Valspar's Summer Harvest captures that magical glow with a rich yellow that warms into spun gold on your walls. 

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    Seaside Sand 740C-1 | Behr Paints
    Image: ©Behr Paints

    The beach is a big draw to the California Coast Wine Country and part of the region's color palette. The sand color of Behr's Seaside Sand has just a hint of warm undertone, making it a beautiful partner to the traditional warm and saturated wine country inspired colors.

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    Shallow Valley 6011-9 | Valspar
    Photo: ©Valspar

    There would be no wine, without the green of the leaves and vines. Valspar's Shallow Valley reflects the tender green of new leaves, in a livable color that would be stunning in Wine Country decor, or in a contemporary space. Shallow Valley has a slightly yellow undertone, which gives it the ability to pair with saturated warm colors and neutrals.

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    Chrysanthemum SW 6347 | HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams
    Image: ©Sherwin-Williams

    Autumn in any wine region is a spectacle of stunning fall colors in gold and rust. And as summer winds down, the setting sun at harvest time can cast a rich copper on the hills. Sherwin-Williams' Chrysanthemum is a more than a rust color, its full-bodied warmth is like October leaves in a paint can. This could be the perfect color for your accent wall.

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    Deep Ocean 2056-20 | Benjamin Moore
    Image: ©Benjamin Moore

    Like the beautiful blue ocean that borders California's Wine Coast region, Benjamin Moore's Deep Ocean is a soothing respite from the warm colors in this list. Deep Ocean is gorgeous as an accent or secondary color in your wine country inspired color scheme.

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    Torchlight SW 6374 | Sherwin-Williams
    Image: ©Sherwin-Williams

    A rich and delicious gold paint color like Sherwin-Williams' Torchlight, is the foundation of any successful wine country inspired color palette. The visual weight of Torchlight can balance the deep wood tones with the pale neutrals and soft greens that complete your color palette. 

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