Wine Serving Temperatures

A Quick Guide to Optimal Temperatures for Serving Wines

Chilled white wine
Justin Hawthorne/E+/Getty Images

In very general, red wines should be served at cooler room temperatures (think Old World Bordeaux wine caves in the 55 °F range) and white wines are best served chilled. When red wines are served too warm they tend to taste unbalanced with an alcohol edge and white wines taste especially flat and dull when sipped overly warm. Yet, the "goldilocks effect" kicks in when wines are served to cold. Too chilly and the innate flavors and aromas are significantly suppressed.

So, to serve your wines just right, take a look at the wine serving temperature guidelines below.

Optimal Wine Serving Temperatures

  • White Wines: 45-50 °F or 7-10 °C
  • Red Wines: 50-65 °F or 10-18 °C
  • Rosé Wines: 45-55 °F or 7-13 °C
  • Sparkling Wines: 42-52 °F or 6-11 °C
  • Fortified Wines: 55-68 °F or 13-20 °C

* For an easy way to get whites, roses and sparkling wines to ideal serving temperatures, simply fill a bucket with half ice and half water and let the wines chill for 20 minutes.