30 Practical Wine Rack and Storage Ideas

Wine bottles in diamond-shaped rack

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Whether you live in a small apartment with limited space or you have a large kitchen with plenty of space for custom built-ins, we're sharing 30 of our favorite ways to store wine bottles. If you enjoy having a nice chilled glass of red in the evenings, but are tired of bottles cluttering your kitchen countertops, we've got you covered. From stylish bar carts and tabletop wine racks, to a beautiful wet bar and custom built-in storage, we've collected clever and creative wine bottle storage ideas to provide you with lots of inspiration for your own home.

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    Decorative Tray

    Built-in bar with wine bottles on a tray

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    A decorative tray is one of the most versatile organizational and design tools for your home. Use it to corral coffee table decor, to display jewelry and perfume bottles on a bedroom dresser, or to hold wine bottles. It's a great way neatly gather bottles—plus it makes it easier to carry them to the table when needed.

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    Rolling Bar Cart

    Dining room with a brass bar cart

    Camilia Home

    The bar cart recently made a huge comeback in the word of interior design and entertaining and for good reason! It's portable and compact, and provides a great styling surface—it's the perfect spot to store and display wine bottles. A brass bar cart in this home serves a practical purpose while incorporating warmth and new material into the space.

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    Kitchen Cabinet Wine Bottle Rack

    Built-in wine storage in a kitchen cabinet

    Mint Images / Getty Images

    If you are in the process of designing or re-designing your kitchen, consider incorporating built-in wine bottle storage into your plans. These cubed slots don't take up too much space and free up your countertops at the same time.

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    Built-In Bar

    Built-in bar with a chair and a side table next to it

    Tina Ramchandani

    A built-in bar such as this one is a beautiful addition to a kitchen, family room, or dining room. It provides a designated area for wine and other bottles, gasses, and barware in a stylish and functional way. The mix of closed storage, open shelving, and a work surface is the perfect combination both visually and in terms of practical use.

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    Kitchen Island Wine Storage

    Kitchen with green cabinets and built-in wine rack on island

    chandlerphoto / Getty Images

    Add built-in storage such as these custom built cubbies—they are the perfect style compartments for wine bottles on the side of your kitchen island or peninsula. This keeps bottles on hand, creates a designated spot for them, and prevents your countertops from getting cluttered.

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    Wine Refrigerator

    Kitchen with wine fridge and floating marble shelf

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    A sleek wine refrigerator like this one provides a spot to not just store, but chill wine bottles. You may wonder what's the point of having a special wine fridge when you already have a regular refrigerator for your food, but the two are actually not the same thing. A wine fridge allows you to set the temperature to properly store and cool your favorite bottles—there isn't as much humidity inside it, which means your wine will stay fresher for longer.

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    Double Wine Refrigerator

    Double wine fridge in a kitchen

    Kate Marker Interiors

    If you have the space and need for it, go with a double wine refrigerator. Wine refrigerators come in various sizes, heights, and price points—besides storing wine bottles, you can use yours to hold other beverages that don't fit into your regular fridge.

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    Dining Room Server

    Wine bottles stored in a buffet

    Pjohnson1 / Getty Images

    A dining room server or buffet is an excellent spot to store extra dishes, linens, and you guessed it—wine bottles! It keeps them on hand while having dinner and gives you a surface to pour glasses and mix drinks.

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    Tabletop Wine Rack

    wood wine rack with bottles in it

    nikkimeel / Getty Images

    If you live in a rental or a small apartment and built-ins or large pieces of furniture just aren't an option, opt for a more compact, tabletop wine rack. They come in various shapes and sizes—some made from wood such as this one, others from sleek acrylic, but all are a handy way to keep bottles organized.

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    Glass-Front Kitchen Cabinets

    White kitchen cabinet with glass fronts and a wine fridge

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    This kitchen features a wet bar with glass-front upper cabinets that hold dishes, glassware, and wine bottles. A wine fridge and mini sink complete the space, and a small work surface serves as a place to open and pour a bottle.

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    Wine Cabinet

    Cabinet with a lamp and tray with bottles and a plant on it

    Studio Peake

    Instead of built-in storage, create a liquor cabinet. Use this interior to hold bottles, glassware, bar accessories, and more—style the top with a decorative table lamp, a plant, or a vase with flowers. An arrangement of wine bottles can be corralled into a pretty tray.

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    Wall Shelves

    Bottles stored on floating shelves

    Andi Morse Design

    These brass and glass open shelves are a beautiful design statement as well as a way to utilize vertical wall space to store wine bottles. Accessorize the shelves with small bowls, pretty glasses, and stacking boxes to add color and a decorative touch.

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    Diamond Cube Wine Rack

    Wine bottles in diamond shaped shelf

    Alex Zaitsev / Getty Images

    A diamond cube wine rack is a great built-in feature that adds a sculptural element to your kitchen, wet bar, or dining room—especially if you feature a bold wallpaper on the back wall or a fun paint color to make the wine rack pop. Unlike a built-in with individual bottle slots, this can accommodate a large number of bottles in a more organic way.

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    Floor-to-Ceiling Wine Bottle Shelf

    Floor-to-ceiling built-in wine rack in a kitchen

    JamesBrey / Getty Images

    Think vertical and install a floor-to-ceiling cubbie-style shelf to hold wine bottles in your kitchen. It maximizes space and doesn't take up a whole row of shelves or drawers—it also adds an interesting visual element that breaks up the look of all solid cabinetry.

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    Dining Room Built-Ins

    Built-in wine storage in a dining room

    Stephanie Hoey Interiors

    This dining room provides great inspiration for built-ins, which are less common in this space than they are in a family room and more kitchen. One of the glass-front cabinets features diamond-shaped wine bottle racks while the rest provide space for dishware and linens, as well as a surface to display vases and some greenery.

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    Mirrored Hutch

    Painted blue hutch storing bottles, glasses and other barware

    Mary Patton Design

    This stunning mirrored hutch from a project has plenty of space to hold wine bottles and drinkware and is painted in the same color as the walls and trim. It creates the illusion of a built-in. Gather bottles on one side, carafes, and decanters on another—then fill and style the rest of the shelves with drink-themed books, glasses, and little decorative accents for visual impact.

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    Wicker Basket

    Wine bottles in a rattan basket

    bukvalno / Getty Images

    A wicker basket is one of those things you can always use around the house—carefully place a couple of bottles of wine in it for a fun way to store and display them in the dining room or kitchen. The basket keeps them all in one place while adding a textural element to the space.

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    Floating Wood Shelves

    Basement bar with floating wood shelves

    Louis Duncan-He Designs

    This basement bar features chunky floating wood shelves that pop against a dark paint color, add a natural material into the space, and are a good way to keep wine bottles visible and easily accessible.

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    Wood Storage Box

    Wine bottles in a wooden box

    fcafotodigital / Getty Images

    A wood storage box isn't just a great way to give bottles of wine as a gift—it's also a practical storage method. It keeps bottles in a cool, dark, and dry place which prolongs their freshness—the boxes are stackable to save space, and you can easily move them around.

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    Cardboard Box

    Wine bottles in cardboard box

    Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

    Store extra bottles of wine in a cardboard box in a cool, dark place such as a basement. This is a particularly good way to store bottles if you're getting ready to host a party or a dinner for a large group of people and you don't want lots of wine bottles cluttering every surface in your kitchen.

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    Sculptural Bar Cart

    Bar cart in front of windows

    Kendall Wilkinson Design

    This charming bar cart proves that the way you display wine bottles can add lots of drama and style to your space! Use a unique or vintage bar cart to hold bottles and give the room plenty of character at the same time.

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    Freestanding Wine Rack

    Dining room with a freestanding wood wine rack in the corner

    Dan Forer / Getty Images

    Use a freestanding wooden wine rack such as the one in this dining room to hold your collection of wine bottles and to fill an empty wall or corner. Angle the wine rack if needed and arrange bottles based on favorites, type, or age.

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    Modern Floating Wine Rack

    Dining Room with floor-to-ceiling floating wine storage

    Sire Design

    This chic modern dining room features a stunning floating wine bottle rack that adds an invisible wall and holds bottles in a unique way. Custom storage systems such as this add a stylish, contemporary touch and are available for purchase in various standard heights.

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    Wine and Glass Rack

    Built-in wine and glasses storage in a kitchen

    supersizer / Getty Images

    Combine storage for wine bottles and drinking glasses in the form of a dual floating rack that holds the bottles on top, and has slots for glasses on the bottom. It saves space and looks clean and streamlined—everything you need for happy hour is in one convenient spot.

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    Wooden Console

    Console used for wine storage in a living room

    Noelle Ryan Interiors

    Gain inspiration from this open-concept living space and style a console like you would a bar cart. Place wine bottles on the top, use a tall vase with greenery for some height, and add decorative touches such as a bowl of lemons or unique candle holders for some color and pattern.

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    Metal Wine Rack

    Metal wine racks with bottles in them

    Mariusz Zysk / Getty Images

    Store everyday wine in a metal wine rack such as this one. It's an inexpensive but useful tool to keep bottles accessible on a dining room buffet, kitchen countertop, or on top of the fridge.

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    Kitchen Cabinet Tops

    Bottles stored on top of kitchen cabinets

    Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

    If you're a wine lover or a budding sommelier, decorate the tops of your kitchen cabinets with empty wine bottles that you've already enjoyed. It's a simple but effective way to add height, fill the empty space between the cabinets and ceiling, and add character to your kitchen.

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    Wall-Mounted Rack

    Metal wine holder on a stone wall

    arismart / Getty Images

    A wall-mounted wine rack is a great way to store bottles upside down since it keeps the cork from drying out. It also utilizes vertical space without needing to install shelving, so if you're short on space or are working with a narrow wall, this is an excellent space-saving option.

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    Hanging Wall Shelf

    Metal wine rack on a green wall

    Alexey Shipilov / Getty Images

    Add a wall decoration as well as storage using a hanging wine rack that serves double duty. This would look great in a basement bar, above a wet bar in the family room, or in a large dining room.

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    Home Wine Cellar

    Wine cellar

    RonTech2000 / Getty Images

    For the ultimate way to store wine bottles, there's nothing like an at-home wine cellar, of course! It's an investment, but it allows you to store wine in a temperature and light-controlled environment in order to preserve its quality—it takes the tasting experience to a whole new level.