Winnie the Pooh Themed Party Games

Winnie the Pooh cake

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These Pooh party games feature favorite characters and are a great way to engage guests at a Winnie the Pooh birthday party

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    Pooh's Hunny Pot Toss

    For this game, you will need many bees and a honey pot. To make the bees, paint a bunch of clothespins yellow with black stripes.  For the honey pot, paint a large coffee can yellow, or use a plastic, yellow beach pail. Tape a label that says “Hunny” on the front. Place the hunny pot on the floor. Draw a line a few feet back from the pot. Have players stand behind the line and try to toss the clothespin bees into the pit.  

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    Find Eeyore's Tails

    Since Eeyore is always losing his tail, he could probably use some spares. The problem is, he lost all of his extras, too! Cut out several Eeyore tails out of cardstock and hide them around the party area. Challenge your party guests to go out and find them all.

    When all of the tails have been gathered, you can ask kids to write special messages to Eeyore on them. You can also use them to play a game of Pin the Tail on Eeyore!

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    Kanga and Roo Relay Races

    Relay Races make great party games because the rules can be kept simple. For this version, ask kids to simply take turns racing from one spot to another, but in honor of Kanga and Roo, have them jump like kangaroos instead of run to the finish line. 

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    Rabbit's Carrot Garden Race

    Create a game based on Rabbit’s garden. Get a large block of Styrofoam and cover it with fake grass or paint it green. Make carrots out of orange cardstock (one per player), Tape the carrots to skewers or straws and “plant” them in the Styrofoam.

    Divide players into two teams. Give each team a basket or wheelbarrow (or even a toy shopping cart). Have them race, relay-style, to each pluck a carrot from the garden, place it in the basket and hand it off to the next player in line. The first team to collect all of their carrots wins. 

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    Tigger's Freeze Bounce

    For this game, you will need a large sheet or blanket and a plush Tigger doll. Have kids Have the kids gather around and each hold an edge of the blanket. Toss Tigger in the middle of the blanket. While music plays, have the kids raise and lower the blanket to make him bounce around. When the music stops, they must stop moving the blanket to make Tigger freeze.  

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    Help Piglet Catch a Heffalump

    Another fun game for a Winnie the Pooh Party is to help Piglet catch a Heffalump. Before guests arrive, draw and cut out several paper Heffalump footprints. Tape them to the floor, creating several paths that lead to different places. At the end of one of the footprint paths, place a plush Heffalump doll. Players have to find the right path to lead them to find the Heffalump. 

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    Musical Treehouses

    Play this game like the classic version of musical chairs, but instead of just circling chairs, players can pretend they are passing the homes of their friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. To set up, simply draw treehouses and cut them out of poster board. Tape them to the backs of the chairs and then play as usual.