19 Winter Centerpieces You Can Keep All Season

Options for Every Budget and Skill Level

Winter time home candle natural decor
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A great centerpiece is the key to a well-decorated table and a festive home. Whether you're hosting people for the winter holidays or you simply want to add a bit of beauty to your table all season long, there are endless ways to style a centerpiece. You can put together some of these centerpieces in just a few minutes while others are more elaborate and take longer to create. But all of them will be beautiful on a table.


Paper Palm Leaves Are a Fresh Take on a Classic Centerpiece

Here are 19 ideas to inspire your winter centerpiece that you can use all season long.

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    Use Food for a Winter Centerpiece

    cinnamon stick candle centerpiece with pinecones
    Celebrate Creativity

    This show-stopping (and delicious) centerpiece from Celebrate Creativity incorporates some common flavors of the winter season: cinnamon sticks and dried apples. The cinnamon sticks were trimmed down to size, spray painted white for a more wintry look, and then wrapped around the candle. Surrounded by several pinecones, this centerpiece gives off a warm and rustic vibe.

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    Add a Bit of Birch

    Birch-wrapped candle
    Digs Digs

    These simple yet elegant birch-wrapped candleholders from Digs Digs are reminiscent of a snowy walk in the woods. While real soft birch is always a great decor choice, you can also fake this look with felt or textured paper if you can't get your hands on the real thing. Add a few sprigs of pine or some holly to create a more holiday-friendly look. 

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    Go Floral

    winter floral centerpiece with white red and green
    Green Wedding Shoes

    Just because it's cold outside, that doesn't mean you can't bring fresh flowers into your home. This stunning centerpiece from Green Wedding Shoes uses hyacinths, roses, and tallow berries set in a vintage silver vase. If it's a little too intricate for your style, you can incorporate the same wintry floral look in a smaller arrangement. Stick to deep, rich reds and winter whites to maintain that seasonal feel.

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    Use Floating Greenery

    floating greenery candlesticks

    August and May Design Co. via Pinterest

    This simple candle centerpiece idea from August and May Design Co. via Pinterest requires just four items: a candle, a bottle, some greenery, and a bit of water. In just a few minutes you can create a woodsy look that will bring a fresh feel into your home even during winter's harshest days. Plus, the whole look is inexpensive to put together, yet it appears like a pricey decor piece.

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    Create Your Own Snow Globe

    mason jar centerpiece with bells
    Debbiedoos via Pinterest

    Here's your chance to put your spare mason jars to good use by creating your own personalized snow globe. This idea from Debbiedoos via Pinterest uses fake snow, a vintage jar, and whatever whimsical figurines you like. This globe uses faux pine trees for a Christmas vibe, but you can easily replace them with other foliage if you want.

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    Add a Pop of Cranberry

    Cranberry centerpiece in square glass container
    Margie Solberg via Pinterest

    This floating cranberry centerpiece from Margie Solberg via Pinterest is festive enough for Christmas but subtle enough to keep out for weeks afterward. The seasonal cranberries add a warm pop of color. And the evergreen branches among the greenery represent the trademark foliage of winter.

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    Incorporate Some Sparkle

    gold cake topper on white cake stand

    Say Yes

    If you're hosting a meal, consider ditching a traditional centerpiece and replacing it with a delicious cake. While this centerpiece won't last all winter long (you might eat it in just one night), the idea can be used at any point during the season—not just for the holidays. The sparkly gold pipe cleaner topper on this cake from Say Yes incorporates metallics that are commonly seen in winter decor.

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    Repurpose Old Wine Bottles

    gold bottle centerpiece with pink flowers
    Delightful Details

    After hosting holiday celebrations, you might be left with a lot of wine bottles. Instead of recycling them, opt to repurpose them instead. This gold glitter centerpiece from Delightful Details is a great way to give bottles a new life. Use a bit of spray paint and some glitter and voilà: You have a centerpiece perfect for any New Year's Eve party that will also look beautiful all winter long.

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    Reuse a Vintage Pie Tin

    pie tin centerpiece with pinecones
    Dagmar's Home

    This darling centerpiece from Dagmar's Home uses a vintage pie tin as the setting for a winter wonderland diorama. It's a great way to repurpose a pie tin that's too old or damaged to be used for baking anymore. Plus, you can find discount miniatures at most craft stores after the holidays. Then, just add a bit of fake snow.

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    Round Up Pinecones

    candle and pinecone centerpiece with candle

    Deer Pearl Flowers

    Pinecones are commonly spotted both indoors and outdoors in winter scenery. And if you have some pine trees near you, you likely can forage for some pinecones to use as decor for free. You also can find pinecones at most craft stores. This nature-inspired centerpiece from Deer Pearl Flowers requires a large hurricane candleholder, several pinecones, and fake snow or small white pebbles to create a look that's perfect for winter.

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    Incorporate Antlers

    antler centerpiece on wood table
    Apple Brides

    A rustic cabin aesthetic evokes a cozy winter vibe for many people. And this stunning look from Apple Brides incorporates antlers to give off that cabin feel. You can forage for real antlers if you live near a forested area or find faux antlers at craft shops. Add a rustic lantern and some simple greenery to complete the setting.

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    Use Bottles for Candles

    melted candle centerpiece with pinecones

    abigail cheatham via Pinterest

    Here's another great idea to repurpose those empty wine bottles. This centerpiece from abigail cheatham via Pinterest features melted candles over the bottles, which is reminiscent of the centerpieces at many cozy neighborhood restaurants. String some greenery around the bottles to give your table a warm and romantic feel. 

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    Place Twinkle Lights Everywhere

    lights and pinecone centerpiece in glass container
    Hi Miss Puff

    Twinkle lights can bring warmth to the whole winter season, not just the holidays. And this glass hurricane look from Hi Miss Puff is incredibly easy to create. Just add some pinecones surrounded by battery-powered twinkle lights to a large hurricane vase for a beautiful seasonal centerpiece.

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    Grow Evergreens

    mini Christmas tree in polka dot container
    The Golden Sycamore

    Mini evergreen trees are a common sight at grocery stores and plant nurseries during the month of December. And this fun centerpiece from The Golden Sycamore proves the trees can be used for more than just Christmas. The simple polka-dot pot isn't holiday specific, and the greenery and pinecones represent the winter season at large.

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    Use Mercury Glass

    mercury glass and babys breath

    Valerie via Pinterest

    Metallics are a common sight in winter decor because they mimic that icy glow of the snow. And mercury glass brings an extra touch of sparkle and glow. You can find fairly inexpensive votives and vases at most craft stores or make your own mercury glass. Add a few sprigs of baby's breath to the vases or candles to the votives like these from Valerie via Pinterest for a simple, chic look.

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    Go Rustic

    winter centerpiece with christmas ornaments

    Home Made Lovely

    For this simple winter centerpiece, Home Made Lovely transformed a vintage toolbox into a rustic focal point. Check thrift stores and flea markets for a toolbox. You also can use an old milk crate or other vintage box. Just add a few candles and some evergreen branches for a natural winter look.

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    Make a Modern Candelabra

    apple centerpiece with candles

    Eugenia LaVonne Jackson via Pinterest

    This rustic, modern update on a candelabra from Eugenia LaVonne Jackson via Pinterest is a great way to bring the fall harvest into the winter season. Use a vintage pie box or hat box as the base (though any wooden container works) and floral foam to keep the candlesticks in place. Then, decorate with apples, pomegranates, or cranberries (real or fake) to give this centerpiece the perfect winter vibe. 

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    DIY a Glam Centerpiece

    can centerpiece with white flowers
    The Knot via Pinterest

    There are many ways to repurpose a tin can, including this glam gold centerpiece from The Knot via Pinterest. It is incredibly easy to create. Simply remove the label from an empty can, and spray paint it in a chic winter metallic. Then, add some real or faux white flowers and greenery for a simple yet classy look.

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    Try Terrariums

    gold terrariums with candles

    Anna Rooney via Pinterest

    Geometric terrariums are chic and versatile. Whether you fill them with succulents, candles, or twinkle lights, they add an air of sophistication to any table. This look from Anna Rooney via Pinterest is perfect for a fancy dinner party or just a cozy winter night at home.