Seeking a Winter Hobby? These Are 6 Great Options to Try at Home

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Crafting table filled with paper and watercolor paint.

Stocksy/ Olivia Inman

Some days, it feels like spring is just around the corner, and others are a stark reminder that we still have quite a few weeks left of winter, depending on where you live. If your days are still short and the temps are still hovering around zero, that means it’s prime season for cozying up indoors.

While we love a good TV binge as much as the next person, sometimes, it’s nice to focus your mind—and your hands—on something productive yet relaxing. We spoke to a few experts and rounded up some great hobby and craft suggestions for this time of year.


Embroidery hoops are an adorable addition to any space, and when completed, work especially well on a gallery wall. Best of all, there are tons of great DIY kits if you’re interested in getting started. While some require you to buy your own hoop, most of the beginner kits include fabric with a pre-printed pattern, embroidery needles, and threads.

The Cherry Blossom US Embroidery Kit For Beginner in Floral

The Cherry Blossom US Embroidery Kit For Beginner in Floral


Basket Weaving

If you love the idea of a sewing-based project but want to create something for your home, UK-based Tabara N'Diaye of La Basketry says that basket-weaving is the perfect solution. 

“Basketry is intertwined with so many other disciplines, such as sewing, weaving, or shaping in pottery, so you may already be familiar with some of the steps,” N’Diaye says. “There's also an abundance of materials available to create baskets—and some you may already have at home."

Much like knitting, N’Diaye notes that basketry is great for its repetitive motions. “Basketry (like many other crafts) is focused on repetitive steps, and before you know it, you will enter what we call a “flow” state where the mind embraces the present moment,” she tells us. “Don’t blame me if you become addicted to the feeling of basket weaving.”

La Basketry Cotton Rope for Basket Bags & Plant Pots

La Basketry Cotton Rope for Basket Bags & Plant Pots

La Basketry

Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles are an incredibly popular indoor activity for good reason. Never underestimate the decorative power of a great puzzle box, either—that’s just one thing Alistair Matthews and Michael Hunter, co-founders of Le Puzz, love about their jigsaws. 

“Puzzling is inherently a cozy activity,” the pair share with us. “Even in warmer months, they create a cozy little respite from whatever else is going on."

Since winter is a slower, quieter, and more introspective season, puzzles pair well with each of these qualities. We love this puzzle option from Le Puzz, a fun and funky brand that ensures puzzles look decorative even in the box on your shelf.

Le Puzz Teeny Tiny Things Puzzle

Le Puzz Teeny Tiny Things Puzzle

Le Puzz

DIY Book Nooks

In case you haven’t spotted these before, book nooks are an adorable addition to your bookshelf. They slot in between books and recreate a cozy little scene in miniature. And according to Alex Park of the California-based website Hands Craft, DIY book nooks are the perfect indoor activity to keep yourself occupied when it's too cold to be outside.

“Building these book nooks requires careful hand-eye coordination and forethought to make sure all the pieces fit correctly without breaking them, so it's a great analog way to remain engaged and intentional,” Park says.

Park also warns that DIY Book Nooks aren’t the answer if you’re looking for an easy new craft. “Honestly, building these book nooks can sometimes be challenging,” Park tells us. “However, you will get to feel a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you get to see the fruits of your handmade labor. It's a great way to remember the importance of slowing down, doing things right, delaying gratification, and the satisfaction you feel after finishing a creative project.” 

Hands Craft DIY Miniature Book Nook Kit | Sunshine Town

Hands Craft DIY Miniature Book Nook Kit | Sunshine Town

Hands Craft


Crocheting, knitting, and quilting are class wintertime projects, and Park says that there’s a reason for it: it’s a great way to occupy your hands and your mind.

“This past winter, I started to get into crocheting after years of telling myself to start’” Park says. "It's been a lot of fun slowing down while keeping my hands and my mind busy—because they can get restless.”

The Woobles Fox Crochet Kit

The Wobbles Fox Crochet Kit

The Wobbles

Dried Floral Wreaths

If spring is calling you but the weather isn’t cooperating, now is the perfect time to look ahead and make a bright and cheerful dried flower wreath. There are some great kits available on Etsy, which come complete with everything you need—dried flowers, a twine wreath or sewing hoop, reel wire, and ribbons. 

Foxtail Floral Design DIY Dried Flower Wreath Kit

Foxtail Floral Design DIY Dried Flower Wreath Kit