Kids' Winter Pool Party Tips and Ideas

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Invite kids to shed their coats, put on their swimsuits, and dive right into some summer-style fun at a wintertime pool party. With weather forecasts that are peppered with phrases like “wind chill” and “below zero,” there's no better time to warm up in an indoor, heated pool. So go ahead and cure their cabin fever with a party that doesn’t care what the calendar, the thermometer, or the weatherman says. 

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    Find the Best Location

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    Of course, the first essential for any pool party is the pool itself. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have an indoor pool in your home, you’ll need to find the next best option. A few ideas for places where you may be able to rent an indoor pool for your party include hotels, fitness centers, and community centers.

    If your schedule is flexible, you may be able to arrange for a private rental or a reduced rate during hours when the venue usually experiences a lull in​ the usage of the pool.

    Certain pool rules may limit or prohibit things such as food, decorations, and activities, so keep these in mind when choosing a location that best suits your party plans.

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    Create a Cute Winter Pool Party Themed Invitation

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    You may use any style of invitation to invite guests to your party, but why not play on the theme of summer fun in wintertime? Here are some examples:

    • A snowman shape cut out of tropical colored cardstock, decorated with a bathing suit and sunglasses.
    • Store bought pool party invitations, rubber stamped with snowflakes or decorated with snowflake stickers.
    • Postcard photos of your children dressed in their swimsuits in front of a snowy backdrop.

    Along with the time and location information, add instructions for guests to bring their bathing suits, water shoes, goggles, and towels (if none are supplied by the facility). You may also want to ask them to bring a hair dryer and any styling tools needed so they don't have to go back out into the cold with wet hair. 

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    Use Whimsical Decorations

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    If the indoor pool is adjacent to windows, any snow outside creates a backdrop that is not only beautiful but also reminds your guests of how wonderful it is to be warm and wet inside the pool. A combination of snow-themed and tropical decorations indoors can help you to emphasize this summer-in-winter concept.

    Ideas include:

    • Snowflake ornaments hanging from inflatable palm trees.
    • Lounge chairs draped with snowflake-patterned beach towels.
    • Inflatable winter animals, such as penguins or polar bears, floating in rafts.
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    Play Summer Games in the Winter

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    Continue the fun with a selection of pool party games that play on the theme of summer fun in wintertime, for example:

    • Play volleyball, but use white beach balls and call it “snowball volley.”
    • Turn “Marco Polo” into “Marco North Pole.”
    • Place rubber penguins in toy boats and have kids push them from one end of the pool to another, relay-race style.
    • Use white water-balloons to have a snowball fight.
    • Some of these pool party games can also be played in addition to the winter-themed options. 
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    Hand out Pool Party Themed Favors

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    When it’s time to head home, send them with a party favor to remind them of their break from winter (and maybe just hold them over until the real days of summer).​ Here are some favor ideas:

    • Fur-lined flip-flops.
    • Beach towels that are rolled and tied with a snowflake patterned ribbon.
    • Plush polar bears that are wearing sunglasses.
    • A beach pail filled with winter accessories such as earmuffs and mittens.
    • A summer beverage tumbler that is paired with a ​package of hot cocoa.​