Winter Wedding Bouquets

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    15 Winter Wedding Bouquets Featuring In-Season Florals

    Winter always seems to make its arrival with a punctuated statement as though to say, “I’m here to stay.” We pull all of our coziest layers out of our closets, spend nights inside by the fire, and gaze in amazement as the snow falls for the first time before the longing for warmer days kicks in. Although winter sometimes feels like a season to skip, there is fun to be had during its seemingly short three months of the year because so many celebrations take place.

    We gather together with family and friends for the holidays, kick off the New Year, and watch as engagement season begins in full force. With so many reasons to enjoy the winter months, we thought we would assist in helping to change the narrative about the season to one focused on fun and delight. And, that means highlighting one of our favorite details – winter wedding bouquets.

    Although the landscapes outside may not allude to this fact, there is plenty in season from late December through early March. Fruits, like kumquats and mandarin orange offer bursts of bright citrus colors, and flowers, like anemones, amaryllis, roses, and carnations are plentiful. And, we haven’t even focused on the greenery that feels completely appropriate for the season! Without further ado, we bring you 15 winter wedding bouquets filled with in season flowers, fruits, and greens, crisp shades of bright white, and plenty of varied style to help you to see the beauty available to you when you say yes to a wintertime fete.

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    Amaryllis Winter Wedding Bouquet

    If there was one flower we always associate with the winter, it’s amaryllis. Its blooms are big and bold, and many of them pair beautifully together for a stunning classic wedding bouquet. This look is perfect for a black tie fete!

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    Anemone Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Anemone Winter Wedding Bouquet
    Photo by Dawn Charles and Bouquet by Seven Stems Design

    When we saw this texture filled bouquet, the anemones immediately caught our eye. These blooms are still in season during winter’s early weeks, and the crisp white pairs so well with shades of deep red. With its macrame bouquet wrap and organic style, this design is no doubt meant for a bohemian bride-to-be.

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    Snowberry, Rose, and Ranunculus Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Sometimes the thing we miss most during the winter is soft shades of color, and this rose, ranunculus, and snowberry bouquet solves that with its white, blush, and green palette. All of these blooms remain in season during the winter and often into the spring, so this bouquet is an option to consider for a late winter-early spring wedding.

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    Carnation Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Carnation Winter Wedding Bouquet
    Photo by Red Boat Photography and Bouquet by Designer Buds

    The great thing about carnations is they never go out of season. When they open fully, they can also look just like peonies with a much smaller price tag! The carnations in this bouquet are a beautiful shade of deep red, and they are paired with roses, berries, and greenery proving a lush look can still be created in the winter.

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    Evergreen Winter Wedding Bouquet

    The bride’s bouquet is overflowing with evergreen – winter’s most notable green – and we love how the florist also thoughtfully incorporated tulips which add color and extra pizazz. We can see this design at rustic and bohemian weddings without question!

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    Feathers and Thistle Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Feathers and Thistle Winter Wedding Bouquet
    Photo by Michelle Larmand Photography and Bouquet by Dana Smyl Floral Design

    Featuring thistle, feathers, greenery, and even a gold apple, this bouquet proves flowers are not the only thing that can overflow from a bouquet. Perfect for a bohemian, vintage, or rustic bride, this design is both lush and offbeat simultaneously.

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    Gardenia Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Although they are from different floral families, gardenias always remind us of magnolias! If you love the look of one but are tying the knot in the opposite season, you definitely still have options. Perfect for a timeless and classic wedding, this gardenia bouquet feels crisp, fresh, and elegant for a winter soiree.

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    Hellebore Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Hellebore Winter Wedding Bouquet
    Photo by Erin Kate Photography and Bouquet by Artisan Bloom

    When you see their beautiful shape, you might not think hellebores bloom during the winter, but they do! And, they look wonderful in this classic and romantic bouquet that also features in season garden roses and greens. With its lovely lavender and purple palette, we can already picture this bouquet at romantic weddings throughout the season.

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    Rose, Feather, and Thistle Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Rose, Feather, and Thistle Winter Wedding Bouquet
    Photo and Bouquet by Kelcy Leigh Photography

    Here, classic roses, snowberries, and dusty miller are paired together with thistle and features to create a look that combines unsuspecting elements effortlessly. We’re intrigued, especially for brides celebrating winter weddings with industrial style celebrations.

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    Tulip Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Tulips are a staple during the spring, but their season actually begins during the winter. The white berries in the design allow it to still feel wintery, and we’re drawn toward the not-yet-blooming flowers. They look wonderful for the winter, and the bride will be able to enjoy her bouquet for many days to come too!

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    Mandarin Orange Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Mandarin oranges are another type of citrus frequently associated with the winter, and we’re always intrigued when we spot this fruit in bouquets. It adds texture, color, and whimsy, especially in this design that otherwise prominently features greenery, including eucalyptus and hypericum berries.

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    Orchid Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Orchids are one of the most classic wedding flowers, and their peak season is in the winter. Available in a variety of shades, we’re always drawn toward white orchids. They feel timeless and elegant when paired together in bouquets, plus the yellow centers feel even more vibrant as the only color present.

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    Kumquat and Greenery Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Kumquat and Greenery Winter Wedding Bouquet
    Photo by Liz Banfield and Bouquet by Mi Mi Design

    Varied types of citrus are in season throughout the year, but peak season for kumquats is during the winter. They offer a bright pop in this otherwise white and green bouquet, and the roses and ranunculus add to the fun and whimsy.

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    Rose, Tulip, and Pinecone Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Rose, Tulip, and Pinecone Winter Wedding Bouquet
    Photo by Isa Images and Bouquet by The Local Bouquet

    Roses, not-quite-blooming white tulips, dusty miller, snowberries, evergreen, and texture-rich pinecones allow this bouquet to feel like a wintertime staple. A wonderful option for a classic wedding, this design is one that will never go out of style.

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    Anemone, Pinecone, and Evergreen Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Anemone, Pinecone, and Evergreen Winter Wedding Bouquet
    Photo by Julie Newman and Bouquet by Roundtree Flowers

    The winter is never lacking in available texture, and this bouquet proves that point! Anemones are paired with roses, ranunculus, hellebores to offer a richly muted palette that allows the pinecones, evergreen, and snowberries to mix in perfectly. Thanks to its interest and fullness, we can picture this design at a wedding of any style.