The 10 Best Wonder Woman Toys and Costumes of 2019

Wonder Woman Toys and Costumes
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Wonder Woman is more than just a superhero and female warrior looking to stop mass destruction. While many children will learn about Wonder Woman through television and the movies, this character has been inspiring young girls as a role model since her debut in a comic book series back in the 1940's. These new Wonder Woman toys, collectibles and costumes are mainly recommended for tweens, or kids ages 7-12. However, a child's first introduction to Wonder Woman can now even start as young as 3! Young heroines-to-be can join in on the action with their own Wonder Woman toddler doll.

Aside from the live-action movie Wonder Woman, there is also a popular animated show for kids 7+, the DC Comics Superhero Girls. These animated short episodes feature Wonder Woman's heroic leadership skills on various adventures with Batgirl, Bumblebee, Harley Quinn, Katana, Poison Ivy, and Super Girl.

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    Best for Role Playing: Wonder Woman Shield

    Kids love to engage in role play games. Many children enjoy role-playing as their favorite, hero, heroine, and even villain. The Wonder Woman shield will allow kids to realistically role play Wonder Woman with action. The DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman golden shield can launch discs up to 20 feet.

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    Best Play Set: LEGO DC Superheroes Playsets

    LEGO Wonder Woman Playsets
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    For kids who like to build with LEGO construction toys, there are a few LEGO sets in the DC Superhero girls and DC Superhero Collection that feature Wonder Woman. For those who like to collect characters, there are a few Wonder Woman LEGO minifigures, too.

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    Best Collectible: Battle Ready Wonder Woman Action Figure

    This gorgeous Wonder Woman fashion doll is definitely a collectible. The Wonder Woman action figure includes a lasso and headband. In true action figure fashion, the joints are moveable and poseable. The clothing is also removable. 


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    Best Dolls: DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Doll

    DC Superheroes Wonder Woman Doll
    Mattel / Amazon

    Fans of the DC Super Hero girlswill enjoy collecting the award winning action dolls are 12 inches tall. Each one comes with costumes and accessories for pretend play. Dolls in the collection also include Batgirl, Bumblebee, Harley Quinn, Katana, Poison Ivy, and Super Girl. 

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    Best Barbie: Barbie Wonder Woman Live Action Doll

    The Barbie collection of dolls encourage girls to be anything they want to be. The Barbie Wonder Woman doll, costumes and accessories are inspired by the live-action Wonder Woman movie. Just like in the movie, the doll is wearing Wonder Woman's headband, fashionable red boots, black cape and wristbands. The articulated joints in the doll allow it to properly hold Wonder Woman's “magic” lasso, sword and shield.


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    Best for Tweens: Funko Pop Wonder Woman Vinyl Collectible

    Funko Pop Wonder Woman Vinyl Collectible


    Collectible toys are popular with many children, especially tweens. Funko Pop collectibles are vinyl toys that are crafted to look just like popular characters that children and adults adore. Funko Pop collectibles kids enjoy feature popular characters from DC Comics, Disney, Despicable Me, Marvel, My Little Pony, Sesame Street, Star Wars and Transformers

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    Best Costume: Wonder Woman Costume

    Many kids enjoy dressing up and role playing throughout the year. Others prefer to be their favorite character on Halloween. From toddlers to adults, there are dozens of Wonder Woman costumes to choose from to during dress-up play. In addition to the dress, accessories like wrist bands, headbands, boots, leggings, shields, capes, sunglasses and arrow launching bows will complete the outfit. Do not forget the puppy either! There are even Wonder Woman costumes for pets.

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    Best Costume Accessory: Wonder Woman Action Bow

    If a disc launching shield is not fun enough for the child you know, then the Wonder Woman action bow will be. The hand-powered bow is able to launch 6 darts. Not only is the bow great for role play, it is the perfect accessory to accompany any Wonder Woman costume.

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    Best Video Game: LEGO Dimensions Wonder Woman Fun Pack

    What better way than to harness Wonder Woman's superhero abilities and powers then to use her as a character in a video game! LEGO dimensions is a video game playable on a Playstation, Xbox and WiiU video game system. Accessory sets such as these LEGO dimensions sets are purchased separately from the game. These mini-sets are constructed by the child for use during video game play. The Wonder Woman character in the game offers unique features to beat villains such as flying, diving, grappling, and mind control. 

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    Best for Toddlers: DC Comics Wonder Woman Doll

    Young girls can even be inspired by Wonder Woman years before they can truly understand how heroic she is! The DC Superhero Wonder Woman toddler dolls have beautiful, soft, baby doll features that include large, blue eyes and curly hair young girls will enjoy brushing and styling. The 15-inch Wonder Woman doll is wearing a headband, wrist bands, a magic lasso and iconic red boots. Other DC Comics toddler dolls include Supergirl and Batgirl.