9 Wood Bathroom Vanities That Stand the Test of Time

Why do we always return to wood? This classic construction material can be suited to all styles and preferences. It fits traditional and modern bathrooms, large and small, old and new. 

Wood vanities come in a variety of sizes, styles, and prices. From luxury hardwoods to more common, budget-friendly species, there is a vanity out there that's perfect for your bathroom. 

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    Wood Bathroom Vanities: Classic and Flexible

    Traditional wood vanity
    PB Built

    This traditional bathroom by PB Built features dark wood vanities with exquisite carvings, which contrast with the neutral, sandy colors of the walls and flooring. ​A double vanity by Ove Decor, made out of chestnut and topped with a granite countertop, would certainly fit a bathroom in a similar style. 

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    Small Bathroom With Repurposed Wood Vanity

    Art Deco-style dresser repurposed as bathroom vanity
    Collins Interiors

    If you are more of the DIY style, an antique chest of drawers repurposed as a vanity, such as in this bathroom by Collins Interiors, will satisfy your style needs. A little know-how for installing the sink and faucet and water-proofing the material will go a long way towards having something unique and personal in your bathroom. 

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    Rustic Bathroom With Wood Vanity

    Modern Farmhouse-styled double-basin vanity
    Jk Architecture Engineering

    Even after decades of use, wood can still look beautiful. This is why rustic-style bathrooms use wood vanities so much. Distressed wood adds character and beauty to any rustic or farmhouse bathroom, as in this space by Jk Architecture Engineering. Topped with dark granite, this vanity recalls the wood beams and door frames everywhere in the bathroom.

    This black and beige farmhouse-style vanity features barn-style sliding doors and the distressed look that works perfectly with a rustic bathroom.

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    Contemporary Floating Wood Vanity

    Contemporary floating vanity
    Jennifer Worts Design

    When you need to open up a small bathroom, nothing beats a floating vanity. The extra space at floor level will help make the room look bigger. In this bathroom by Jennifer Worts Design, a distressed wood floating vanity contrasts with the clean, clinical white theme. It is a touch of warmth and natural material in a contemporary space. 

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    Budget Wood Vanity For Small Spaces

    Modern minimalist vanity
    Cure Design Group

    When you only have a small space, style becomes very important. Your vanity choice can make or break your decor—​as well as your budget. This bathroom by Cure Design Group has only a limited sink area, which makes the choice of a dark brown wood vanity that much more stunning, as it contrasts with the whiteness of it all. 

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    Double Wood Vanity In Cottage Master Bathroom

    Cottage-style vanity
    SPACE Architects + Planners

    Double your decor impact with a double wood vanity for your master bathroom. This soft grey wood vanity with marble countertop in a bathroom by SPACE Architects + Planners fits beautifully in a cottage-style decor. 

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    Powder Room With Wood Shelf Vanity

    Shelf vanity
    w.b. builders

    This gorgeous powder room by w.b. builders features a stunning wallpaper and a simple wood beam used as a shelf vanity. This gives the wallpaper pattern all the space it needs to shine and minimizes the profile of the vanity. It's a perfect idea for those who are short on space, but big on DIY skills.

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    Floating Light Wood Vanity In Small Bathroom

    Small floating vanity
    Thom Filicia

    This small but mighty contemporary bathroom by Thom Filicia features a modern, low-profile toilet, a light wood floating vanity with a narrow sink, and a black and white tree wallpaper. Vanities like this one, with a slim profile sink, can save a lot of space in smaller bathrooms. To save even more space, you can install a vanity with a side faucet sink, like this small floating vanity by Fresca Pulito. 

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    Modular Double Wood Vanity

    wood vanity bathroom
    Sutro Architects

    This light industrial-style bathroom by Sutro Architects features a modular wood vanity stained in a grey-neutral shade and topped with a white countertop. This vanity's clean and modern profile fits right in with the rounded mirrors and exposed bulb light fixtures. The herringbone tile in sandy colors complements the slightly darker wood shade of the vanity.