20 Wood Ceiling Ideas We Love for Any Room

wood ceiling in bathroom

Kevin Twitty Interiors

Thinking about incorporating wooden ceilings into your home? Designers are all for incorporating this architectural feature into their projects.

"Adding wood ceilings automatically give you warmth and richness to a space," says Jen Dallas of Jen Dallas Interior Architecture & Design Studio. She appreciates wood ceilings for a variety of reasons, both aesthetic and functional.

"The color from wood can help lighten up a room with a relaxing softness that isn't given by a painted ceiling," Dallas explains. Additionally, she adds, wood ceilings offer insulating properties and sound proofing, plus, they require little maintenance over time. As Dallas puts it, "You won't need to repaint!"

Wood ceilings shine in a wide range of rooms throughout the house: They'll look excellent in the living room, dining room, kitchen, primary bedroom, and even in the bathroom. Wood ceilings are often left in their natural state, but can be painted as well. Feeling inspired to add a wooden ceiling to your home? The 20 rooms all feature gorgeous wood ceilings that will most certainly have you craving one of your own.

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    Incorporate a Wood Ceiling in the Bathroom

    wood ceiling in bathroom

    @natefischer / Instagram

    Wood ceilings can be installed in a number of different rooms, including the bathroom. Here, wooden beams perfectly complement the wooden storage cabinet nearby at look right at home in this airy primary bath suite.

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    Add Extra Character to a Long, Narrow Bedroom

    wood ceiling in narrow bedroom

    @midmodhotdog / Instagram

    This long and narrow room features a wooden ceiling that enhances the midcentury modern decor in the room. It also draws the eye upward and adds plenty of visual interest to the space.

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    Use Your Home's High Ceilings to Your Advantage

    oak ceiling in family room

    @thekindreddesigns / Instagram

    Great rooms and family rooms are excellent places for a wood ceiling. Here, skylights prevent the space from appearing too dark, while the addition of greenery adds extra life to the room.

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    Or Go Low and Create a Cabin-Chic Feel

    wood ceiling in kitchen

    Design: Sunbuilt Contracting / Photo: Tom Terrell

    A wooden ceiling in the kitchen? Why not! This rustic-chic kitchen sings thanks to its thoughtful detailing and charming green cabinetry.

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    Select a Vanity That Matches the Ceiling Style

    wood ceiling in bathroom

    Kevin Twitty Interiors

    In this bathroom, a walnut midcentury modern style vanity perfectly complements the warm wood hue used on the ceiling.

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    Don't Shy Away From Wood Ceilings in the Kitchen

    wood ceiling with baskets

    @littlesquareofjoy / Instagram

    Don't be shy about installing a wooden ceiling in your kitchen.

    "In the right kitchen, [a wood ceiling] can really complement and enhance the cabinetry and bring in loads of visual warmth, truly elevating the overall design of the kitchen," notes Lisa Kooistra of Lisa Kooistra Designs.

    Here, woven baskets hanging from the ceiling draw the eye upward immediately.

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    Bring on a Moody, Rustic Feel With Wooden Antiques

    wood ceilings in living room

    @white_pine_cottage / Instagram

    To embrace a moody, rustic feel, be sure to work in antique looking wooden pieces into your space, as seen here.

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    Bring Warmth Into an All-White Kitchen

    wood ceiling in kitchen

    @white_pine_cottage / Instagram

    This kitchen may appear to be an all-white room—until you look up. A wide plank wooden ceiling adds lots of character and warm to the large space.

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    Mix Black, White, and Wood

    wood ceiling in modern living room

    @phase2design / Instagram

    A lighter wood ceiling shines in this contemporary family room, proving that modern spaces don't need to solely contain black and white tones to look gorgeous.

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    Mix and Match Wood Tones Within Your Space

    wood ceiling in family room

    @anne_mcdonald_design / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to mix and match wood tones within a space. Here, a warm wood ceiling is paired with a lighter wood built-in shelf.

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    Use Wood Ceilings in an Open Floor Plan

    exposed wooden beams

    @larinakase / Instagram

    Dallas appreciates when wooden ceilings area utilized in the context of a large, open floor plan.

    "Smaller rooms aren't always a good idea, as wood might make the room feel slightly smaller," she explains. "It all depends on what feeling you are trying to create within the room."

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    Consider Painting a Wood Ceiling White

    painted white ceiling

    @havensouthdesigns / Instagram

    Angled wood ceilings make for a cozy bedroom retreat. While we often see wood ceilings left in their natural state, you can of course paint yours white—or another color—as well.

    "Natural or stained, and painted or limewashed, wood ceilings are delightful," notes  John Ike of Ike Baker Velten. "It all depends on the character of the room."

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    Pair Wood With Stone

    wood a-frame ceiling

    @coletteinteriors / Instagram

    Tall wood ceilings and a stone fireplace make for a cozy family room in which to curl up and kick back at the end of a long day.

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    Note the Functional Aspects of a Wooden Ceiling

    wood ceiling in kitchen

    @taysandcodesign / Instagram

    Wood ceilings are often used in kitchens, and Ike appreciates this from a functional perspective.

    "I love wood ceilings both in kitchens and bathrooms for the same reasons they’re good on porch ceilings—they can tolerate a variety of conditions and different levels of humidity," he says.

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    Select Furniture and Decor That Complements Your Wood Style

    wood ceiling in modern living room

    @elkins.interiors / Instagram

    To create a cohesive looking space, keep a room's wood ceiling color and style top of mind when selecting furniture and accessories.

    "The wood ceilings in a room should relate to the decor of the room," Ike notes. "They can be either rustic or refined, traditional or modern."

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    Bring on the Wood Beams

    white exposed beams

    @emhaleshome / Instagram

    Exposed wooden beams, painted white, bring additional texture and visual interest to this stone dining room.

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    Place Your Furniture Intentionally

    wood ceiling in entryway

    @white_pine_cottage / Instagram

    An oversized wooden hutch complements the wooden ceilings present in this entryway.

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    Transform a Boring Ceiling With a Pop of Wood

    wood ceiling in bedroom

    @thejoyfilledfarmhouse / Instagram

    This bedroom gives off a cozy cabin feel while still appearing nice and contemporary. Wood can make a standard ceiling totally pop.

    As Ike says, "Ceilings are often the most overlooked surface in a room. Smoke detectors and recessed downlights are often slapped indiscriminately on ceilings, but wood is a noble material that can enhance them."

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    Hang a Showstopping Pendant Light

    wood ceiling in living room

    @bothmindsdesign / Instagram

    Why not draw additional attention to your wood ceiling by installing a dazzling light fixture? The style you choose is entirely up to you, as long as it corresponds with the style of furniture in your space.

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    Add a Few Beams

    wood ceilings in family room

    @lizmearns / Instagram

    Beams add extra oomph to this living room—this small detail can result in so much more architectural intrigue.