12 Wood Paneling Makeovers to Inspire Your Own Redo

Bathroom with marble vanity

sketchfortytwo / Instagram

If you are under the impression that wood paneling went out in the 1970s, think again. When done right, wood paneling can help add endless texture to your space and give it a homey and comforting feel. Consider how you will use your room and whether you want it to feel light and airy or cozy and warm.

Whether you already have wood paneling in your house and you're wondering how to improve it or you are considering adding it to a room, here are some wonderful ideas that take the paneling look to the next level.

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    Go Retro

    Living room with wood paneling

    savagehouse1970 / Instagram

    Wood paneling has a natural tendency to look a little retro and vintage, but why not embrace that? The beautiful unconventional living room from savagehouse1970 is the perfect inspiration to let your wood paneling take center stage. Pair solid wood with retro pieces like these antique leather couches and mustard yellow rug.

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    Create a Cozy Entryway

    Entryway with green wood paneling

    simply.weekend / Instagram

    Wood paneling is a great way to add visual interest in a space that could otherwise be forgotten, which is why we love this example from simply.weekend using sage green wood paneling in the entryway. This makes a big first impression, and the paneling adds a hint of warmth as soon as you walk in the door.

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    Paint It White

    Room with wooden paneling

    careyscountrygarden / Instagram

    One very simple and lovely way to give standard wood paneling a makeover is to paint it white. Check out this wonderful shabby room from careyscountrygarden, which features white wood paneling throughout the space. From the walls to the ceiling, the paneling gives the room a bit more depth and texture.

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    Add Wallpaper

    Bathroom with green siding

    Cottesmore Hotel, Golf & Country Club

    Wallpaper has a tendency to make any room feel fancier, but we love it when it's paired with solid wood paneling, as seen in this bathroom from Cottesmore Hotel, Golf & Country Club. The hunter green wood paneling here pairs beautifully with the light green wallpaper and helps to create a uniform look and feel throughout the space.

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    Opt for Moody

    Laundry room with black paneling

    lives_bytheriver / Instagram

    We love this upgraded laundry room from lives_bytheriver that features a blank painted wood paneling detail. If you're too nervous to paint an entire room black, painting partial wood paneling is a great way to create an accent in the room and make it feel larger.

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    Try Chevron Stripes

    Wall with white chevron strip paneling

    thediywifelife / Instagram

    When laying down wood paneling, consider experimenting with the pattern. We love this stairwell from thediywifelife with a wonderful white chevron design. Though this is a slightly more advanced DIY, installing wood paneling in a unique pattern is a great way to create an instant focal point in your room.

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    Fancy It Up With Marble

    Bathroom with marble vanity

    sketchfortytwo / Instagram

    Worried wood paneling doesn't feel high end? Consider this beautiful bathroom from sketchfortytwo, which features a luxury marble vanity and gold hardware to create a boutique hotel look and feel. The wood paneling is the perfect pairing because it keeps the marble from feeling ostentatious or cold.

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    Pair With Modern Furniture

    Wooden paneling with modern furniture

    jordanleighwoodard / Instagram

    One way to help your existing wood paneling appear more modern and updated is to pair it with contemporary furnishings. This lovely space from jordanleighwoodard features a horizontal wood-paneled wall and modern, streamlined furniture pieces. The wood wall here makes the room feel cozier and warmer when paired with the metal accents.

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    Add Texture to an Office Space

    Desk with dark blue paneling

    Design: silverwoodsaratoga

    Photography: elizabethpedinottihaynes

    Another fun way to use wood paneling is as an accent in a home office or study. This beautiful room by silverwoodsaratoga features dark blue wood panels to give an office space a bit more depth. Adding some for of beadboard or wainscoting is also a great idea for built-in bookshelves or standing shelves to create more dimension.

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    Try It in a Bedroom

    Bedroom with blue walls and white paneling

    the_indigo_house / Instagram

    Looking for a way to add a bit more interest to a bedroom? Try wood paneling. This lovely bedroom from the_indigo_house features a white wood paneling look that adds enough texture to keep the room interesting without a lot of accessories.

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    Consider Half-Paneled Walls

    Reading corner with half paneled wood walls

    calli.duncan / Instagram

    One way to keep the wood paneling look from overwhelming a room is to only panel the wall halfway. This study from calli.duncan features a wainscoted wall that pairs beautifully with the navy blue paint. This is a wonderful color to pair with natural wood because it feels traditional without being stuffy.

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    Try Wood Paneling on the Ceiling

    Kitchen with wood paneling on the ceiling

    the_hillside_house / Instagram

    Who says wood paneling only works on the walls? This kitchen from the_hillside_house does a great job of using a paneled ceiling to create a homey look and feel. This is also a great idea in cozy dens or four-season porches.