Wood Window Manufacturers

Today it is becoming rarer to find companies that sell wood windows.  

Wood, being organic, is not the best material for extended exterior use. The minute it goes from being a tree to being a building product, wood desperately wants to decompose.  

As an owner of all-wood windows, you spend your life trying to stop this process. Vinyl, with its "vinyl is final" claim to fame, is even a more durable, lower-maintenance exterior material than wood.

Wood works best in the protected indoors....MORE Even so, it is at the mercy of sunlight and errant moisture and thus must be protected. Wood-look fiberglass or a composite like Andersen's Fibrex begin to look better when you consider real wood's maintenance demands.

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    Wood Windows In House with Vaulted Ceiling
    Wood Windows In House with Vaulted Ceiling. MATHEISL / Getty Images

    Wood windows are often not wood throughout. In many cases, aluminum or fiberglass clad the exterior portion of the wood window.

    Wood is always the interior material, with cheaper, softwoods like pine and fir being the most popular species options.  

    Wood tends to be confined to traditional stylesDouble-hung and casement windows are the two styles of window that most often come in wood.

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    Marvin Double Hung Window with Wood Exterior
    Marvin Double Hung Window with Wood Exterior. © Marvin

    For a large, mainstream company, Marvin offers an excellent selection of wood window species choices. Marvin has both extruded aluminum and wood exteriors. Not all interior species are available in exterior form. For example, with regard to Marvin's double-hung window, the company offers 15 interior woods but only 4 of them (pine, vertical grain Douglas Fir, mahogany, and primed wood) are available for exterior.

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    Andersen Wood Glider Window
    Andersen Wood Glider Window. © Andersen

    Andersen offers three types of interior woods--pine, oak, and maple--for 29 of its windows:  awnings, casements, casement bows, fixed picture windows, and of course classic single- and double-hungs (as well as a few specialty oval, circular, and other unusually shaped windows).

    Andersen does not have exterior wood options, instead offering around 11 aluminum-on-wood cladding color options.

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    Jeld Wen Custom Wood Slider Window
    Jeld Wen Custom Wood Slider Window. © Jeld-Wen

    Jeld-Wen most certainly does make wood windows.  Founded in 1960, this Klamath Falls-based company revolutionized the production of wood windows in the West.

    Today, Jeld-Wen produces 4 distinct lines of wood windows, from its budget W-2500 series up to its Custom Wood line. A myriad of sizes and shapes are available. All exteriors are aluminum-clad.

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    Pella Architect Series Wood Window
    Pella Architect Series Wood Window. © Pella

    Pella has several lines of wood windows, from the bargain Proline 450 to the Architect Series, which comes in mahogany, alder, fir, pine, and white-painted, with oak, cherry, red oak, and maple available on special order. Within the pine species, it's possible to keep the wood natural or to have Pella pre-stain the wood in a range of 7 shades, ranging from a golden oak to a dark mahogany.

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    Harvey Majesty Wood Casement Window
    Harvey Majesty Wood Casement Window. © Harvey Building Products

    Harvey Building Products is a massive company, booking well over $300 million in sales. But most of this money is made elsewhere--vinyl siding, vinyl windows, doors, and so on.  

    Their Majesty wood windows line is just a drop in the large bucket, and it isn't much: the two mainstays of most window companies, double-hungs and casements, but with a few other window styles in there, as well. Pine is the only interior wood, and all exteriors are aluminum.

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    Milgard Essence Wood Windows
    Milgard Essence Wood Windows. © Milgard

    Milgard is based in Tacoma, WA and has a wide reach throughout the West, with dealers located as far east as Oklahoma and Missouri.  Milgard has only one series (Essence) in wood, and that series only offers pine or fir as species options. Exterior material is fiberglass.

This list was drawn from information from Window & Door, which publishes an annual report of the largest new and replacement window companies in terms of sales.

By choosing large companies, there is no recommendation as to quality. In fact, many of the smaller regional window companies do a fine job of producing wood windows, too. Rather, presented here are companies that have products available to the greatest number of readers.

Some of the huge window companies only make vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass windows--no wood. From that list of $500 million+/year companies, Formosa (PlastPro), Atrium, Simonton, PlyGem, Alside do not make wood windows.