5 Beautiful Wooden Additions To Your Bathroom

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Wood is a beautiful material, but sadly under-used in bathrooms. Lots of people are afraid of mold and shape changes under the humid conditions of a bathroom, but modern processing and sealing techniques have made it a suitable material for all kinds of uses that weren't possible before.

Wood in the bathroom adds a touch of warmth and a natural, organic feeling that's hard to replicate with other materials. It's been gaining in popularity in the last few years, and it's definitely...MORE a major trend for 2016 and beyond.

Wood is a renewable resource, and many wood manufacturers ensure that their materials are collected from sustainably managed forests, which adds to the value of using it more around the house.

Let's have a look at the kind of wood additions you can make to your bathroom while planning a remodelling.

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    Wood sink

    Wood sink
    Wood sink by Nina Mair. Remodelista

    If you only have one piece of wood in your new bathroom, it should probably be the sink. In a modern bathroom, it adds warmth and a natural touch. The color is unusual and will catch people's attention.

    Wooden sinks come in many types, from sleek and modern to organic and artsy

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    Wood wall

    Wood wall
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    A wood wall is perfect for those who want a little contrast in their bathroom. Against paint or tile, a wood wall will look fresh and organic, and you can use the contrast as a decor feature.

    It can also give your bathroom the look of a sauna or spa room--wood has this wonderful ability to quiet down sounds and relax the mind. It speaks of comfort and warmth.

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    Wood floor

    Wood floor bathroom
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    Who doesn't love the feeling of a wood floor under their feet? Wood is warm, soft and just pliable enough to feel natural and comfortable to walk on.

    In the bathroom, a wooden floor adds to the "sauna" aspect, or simply provides a touch of organic feeling to the room. Tropical woods like teak have a natural water-resistant resin that makes it appropriate for the humid bathroom environment. 

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    Wood tub


    If we can make good wood sinks, it's logical that we could make wooden tubs as well. Whether it's a regular ceramic tub covered in wood, or a tub carved into a large piece of wood, this kind of bathtub really can make a big difference in your decor.

    Imagine: instead of a sterile white tub, you get to relax in a beautifully natural, soft and comfortable wooden tub that reminds you of the forest, or the rustic round tubs that used to be found on farms.

    No matter your decor inspiration, a...MORE wooden tub can certainly fit your needs, with modern, rustic or artistic lines.

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    Wood counters

    Wood counters bathroom
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    A small but significant wooden touch to your bathroom can also be done through countertops. Since you're not cutting or doing anything harsh on these counters (as opposed to the kitchen), using a softer material isn't a problem.

    If it's humidity you're worried about, there are plenty of humidity-resistant woods, and sealants that will help your counters resist water damage. Of course, good ventilation and humidity management also helps.

    Wood counters also come in many forms, from...MORE traditional to modern to rustic and recycled. Different shades and colors also suit different styles! 

No matter what your remodelling budget is, or your decor style tastes, a wood element in the bathroom makes it welcoming, warm and comfortable. You can add only one or two items, or go all-in with a number of wood decor elements in your bathroom.