25 Ways to Decorate With Wooden Crates

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    Fresh Ideas for Using Old Crates

    People collect wooden crates by salvaging them or by buying them for next-to-nothing at a craft store. Either way, there are numerous ways you can transform these crates beyond their intended use. 

    You might have a farmhouse aesthetic and want to use crates as a means of storage, or maybe you love modern or European styles and want to incorporate unfinished, new crates into your home design. Wooden crates can even take on a very industrial feel. No matter your design taste, there's sure to be an idea that will inspire a bright new home addition. 

    Above: Farmhouse-style tends to lend itself to vintage crates, but this outdoor bench transforms new crates by painting them with an aged green finish.

    Simple Farmhouse Bench from Life + Storage

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    Modern Rolling Cart Made with Crates

    Making a rolling cart out of wooden crates is as easy as adjoining two crates then adding casters. The way to have your crate cart stand apart is by how you style it. 

    This workstation serves to hold a printer and some books, so it is highly functional. It is kept unfinished and styled with minimal gold accessories and gold casters for a very chic and modern look.

    Wood Crate Rolling Cart from The Shabby Creek Cottage

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    Modern Unfinished Crate in the Living Room

    This living room is another example of how to keep wooden crates on the modern, more bohemian side of things. All you have to do is quite literally plop a new, unfinished crate next to your couch. Fill the crate with books, magazine or records.

    Keep the surrounding area minimal, but try to play off of the crate using some lighter wood elements in different tones like you see here. 

    New School Room from Jodi Mockabee

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    Wooden Crate Storage Lockers

    This DIY project may not be for the novice crafter, but it certainly makes for an incredible looking storage locker! The look of this unit is very farmhouse inspired.

    If you want to take some elements from this locker without fully completing it, consider mixing darker wood, white paint and outlined lettering to keep your crate project looking like something out of HGTV's Fixer Upper

    How to Build DIY Crate Lockers from Little House of Four


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    Industrial Pipe and Wood Crate End Table

    There are so many ways to make an end table from a wooden crate, but this is one of our favorite designs. The pipe detail along the top makes the piece look custom and not like something a weekend warrior just threw together. 

    Crate and Pipe Industrial End Table from Bre Purposed

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    White Crates for Linen and Bathroom Items

    This shouldn't surprise you, but a lot of people use wooden crates as shelves. This particular shelving idea helps add storage space in a small bathroom. Just be sure that the wooden crates are anchored to the wall in any shelving project, so they don't come toppling over. 

    Bathroom Shelf Organizer from The Beauty Dojo


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    Wooden Crate Outdoor Bar

    This outdoor bar goes to show just how versatile wooden crates can be. You might have to drive away from the craft store with a car completely filled to the brim with crates, but it will be worth it!

     DIY Outdoor Bar Tutorial from Torie Jayne

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    Create Storage in a Mudroom or Entryway Using Crates

    This is by far the best example of an entryway transformation using crates. Adding stenciling to the back of the crates on the wall, and painting the interior of the floor crates adds necessary interest. Don't feel the need to be too serious when creating crate projects designed for your children's use. A little whimsy can go a long way!

    Wall and Storage Organization from My Altered State

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    DIY Crate Coffee Table

    You may have seen this crate coffee table before, but it is a tried-and-true DIY for any traditional home. Though the basic table design might be the same, the way you finish the crate says a lot about your design style. You can stain the table like you see here, paint multiple colors or stick with the unfinished look for a Scandinavian feel.

    Crate Coffee Table from Anything and Everything

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    Transform Crates for Children's Rooms and Toy Storage

    Remember when we said a little whimsy can go a long way? That's exactly how this DIY goes from boring to fantastical. Match contact paper and paint to your child's room. Hang the crates low for toy storage or hang them high to house more delicate decor items. 

    Wooden Crate Shelf DIY from Jo-Ann

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    Use a Crate for Adding Height to Porch Decor

    A solo crate can be a great design tool when setting up a seasonal vignette for your front porch. Use the crate to add necessary height and interest to rustic style decor, like you see here on this spring porch tour. 

    Spring Front Porch from Cottage in the Oaks

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    Turn a Vintage Crate into an Old World Centerpiece

    There are a variety of vintage wooden crates and boxes that were used for many different things. Find a smaller, more narrow wooden crate to use as a centerpiece on your dining table. Add items like mason jars in sets of three or use the entire box as a planter for succulents. 

    Dining Room Decor from The Lily Pad Cottage

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    Organize Crates by Adding Chalkboard Labels

    Wooden crates make great organization tools, especially if the sides are completely encased in wood. Stain the boxes a rustic color and add chalkboard labels to add style to a space that otherwise would have had none. 

    Laundry Room Organization from Imperfect Homemaking

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    Open Vintage Crate Shelving in a Farmhouse Kitchen

    Open shelving is all the rage as far as kitchen trends go, but this idea takes open shelving one step further. Wooden crates are scattered above lower kitchen cabinets and filled with various white and two-tone dishware. This idea has farmhouse written all over it. 

    Summer Lookbook from Nest

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    Simple Wooden Crate TV Stand

    This inexpensive solution for a TV stand can be customized to fit any size TV and even gives you space to add some additional accessories. The mason jar succulent planters and unstained crates give off a modern farmhouse vibe. 

    DIY Crate TV Stand from Cashmere and Plaid

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    Wooden Crate Foot Stool and Storage Ottoman

    This DIY works as both a foot stool and a storage ottoman. Since crates aren't that tall, it would be tough for some people to sit comfortably that low to the ground. But crates are an ideal size for a foot stool! Make sure you add hinges so you can have easy access to the storage space underneath. 

    How to Make an Ottoman from Jennifer Decorates

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    Use Crates to Store Produce in the Kitchen

    How to use wooden crates in the kitchen
    Home Tree Atlas

    In order for this idea to work, you may need to remove a cabinet and have a new one made. Notice that these crates fit perfectly and will slide easily like drawers. However, there is an easier, more affordable option. Remove a door on a lower kitchen cabinet and paint the inside. Then, add a rustic-style crate on the upper and lower shelf. They won't work like drawers, but you'll get a similar look and extra produce storage. 

    Farmhouse Decor Ideas from Home Tree Atlas

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    Organize Family Member's Items on the Stairs with Crates

    These crates can actually be customized and then bought just like you see them here. However, it is easy enough to customize your own at home. Keeping one crate per family member on the stairs provides you with space to return school papers and other belongings to their rightful owners. The crates add enough style so that it doesn't just look like piles of clutter. 

    Personalised Apple Crate from Getting Personal

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    Wooden Crate Wall Art and Shelving in One

    This display was actually found in a very hip boutique shop, but the concept can also be incorporated into your home. When creating functional wall art, make sure things look balanced but not too symmetrical. You can even find printable guides online. 

    Moorea Seal Tour from Coco Kelley

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    Create Built Ins Using Unfinished Crates

    There are a variety of ways you can use wooden crates to create a built-in, but this application is one of the more impressive examples. When designing a feature wall of crates, make sure not to stack crates one on top of the other. Add a slight stagger and variation but just be sure all the weight is evenly balanced. 

    Modern Connecticut Coffee Shop from West Elm

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    Organize Shoes with Wooden Crate Shelving Units

    This idea is similar to the last one but on a much smaller scale and with a distinct function. Storing shoes in crates works well when you have a wide hallway or even a walk-in closet. Keep tall boots in the vertical crates and flats in the horizontal crates. 

    How to Make a Bookshelf from C.R.A.F.T.

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    Style a Buffet With a Vintage Style Crate

    This idea isn't so much a DIY as it is style inspiration. There are so many different ways to style a single crate. This example shows you how to perfectly place a crate on a dining room buffet. Play around with different heights inside the crate, but be sure whatever you put inside is substantial enough to stand out. 

    5 Ways to Style a Wooden Crate from Little Vintage Nest

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    Book Storage Using Half Crates

    This DIY is perfect for a child's room. They sell a lot of bookshelves that adhere to the wall, but we prefer these made from half-crates. Hang them low so your little one can pick out their favorite book when it's story time. 

    Great Crate Book Storage from IHeart Organizing

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    Desk Made from Wooden Crates

    This desk made from crates is more about the design than storage function given the limited space. However, building a desk using crates for one or both legs can be a great way to add more storage space to your home office. 

    Wooden Crate Desk from The Old Painted Cottage

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    Wooden Crate Wine Rack

    We're finishing off the list with a wooden crate that has been converted into a wine bottle holder. Stack another crate on top, then add wine glass hangers inside for added functionality. 

    Wood Crate Wine Rack from My Anything and Everything