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Woodflame Delecto Portable Grill
Woodflame Delecto Portable Grill. Woodflame

The Bottom Line

Imagine getting authentic wood fire flavor in your cooking. Now imagine getting it from a portable grill that weighs around 17 pounds. The Woodflame Delecto is an electric fan powered wood burning portable grill that can sear steaks at 1000 degrees F. and give them a unique smoke flavor. This is truly an amazing portable grill that is perfect for the connoisseur on the go. While this unit won't cook a whole chicken it is perfect for steaks, fish, and chicken pieces.

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  • Real wood flavor from a portable
  • Lightweight 17-pound design
  • Extremely high-temperature cooking
  • Two minutes from lighting to cooking


  • Quickly consumes fuel
  • Hard to find


  • Electric fan can be powered from a car adapter, batteries, or a standard outlet
  • 17.6 pounds total weight
  • Cast aluminum body and lid
  • Stainless steel cooking grates and drip trays
  • Burns a hand full of wood cubes at a time
  • Fan powered combustion gets this grill hot in two minutes and can reach temperatures of 1000 degrees

Guide Review - Woodflame Delecto

The Woodflame Delecto is a truly unique portable grill. This grill not only burns wood but actually gets the wood smoke flavor into what you are cooking. This unit has a central fire pot that holds a handful of woodchucks or cubes. A variable speed fan blows air through the fire pot towards the cooking surface and is distributed by a series of baffles.

It works like a powerful set of bellows blowing the fire to maximum combustion. What this means it that the small amount of wood can be up to temperature in about two minutes and generate temperatures around 1000 degrees F. Of course this means that this grill needs electricity to operate but can be powered by either 4 D sized batteries, a standard outlet or a 12 volt car adapter (sold separately).

All of this sounds rather complicated but actually, the award-winning design is very compact and straightforward. But the really impressive feature of this grill is that it can actually get smoke flavor into the food you are cooking. Because of the high-speed combustion smoke is forced at high speed through the baffles and across the cooking surface. This is the only portable I've ever tried that can actually do this. The unit is also easy to clean with dishwasher safe cooking grates and the fact that virtually no ashes are generated from the intense combustion.

This unit will run around $250 and requires hardwood cubes for fuel. You also will need a solid fire starter since you can't put any kind of lighter fluid into the unit.

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