Woodinville Whiskey Co. Age Your Own Whiskey Kit Review

From White Dog to Whiskey in 90 Days

Whisky in wooden background
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One of the most exciting opportunities for whiskey enthusiasts is the chance to see how whiskey matures in the barrel over time. While that isn't something that has been readily available to the public, the Woodinville Whiskey Company has launched an impressive Age Your Own Whiskey kit that allows one to age their own whiskey and observe that maturation process firsthand.

What's In the Kit

The Woodinville Whiskey Company's Age Your Own Whiskey kit includes two 750 ml bottles of Woodinville Whiskey's White Dog unaged whiskey at 110 proof, a beautiful 2 liter oak aging barrel, two Glencairn tasting glasses, a funnel and easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions all packaged in a nice presentation box that makes for a great gift idea.

They do note that the barrel can be reused 5 or more times making this an economical way to produce one's own house style of whiskey.

Results of the Kit

Simply put, the results of the Age Your Own Whiskey kit are impressive. Whiskey barrels are generally much larger, but the 2-liter barrel allows the aging process to be sped up and each person that buys the kit can choose to age their whiskey for an amount of time that they deem best.

Each barrel will age slightly differently, given its microclimate, temperature, and other factors. In fact, that is part of the fun as the barrel can be moved to experiment with how microclimates affect the aging process. Additionally, the barrel can be "topped off" at any given time with more Woodinville whiskey, allowing the freshness of new make whiskey to blend with the flavors of more matured whiskey.

The Woodinville Whiskey Company's Age Your Own Whiskey kit is simply the most fun I've had with whiskey in ages and well worth the $150 price tag.

Whiskey enthusiasts will adore this product and learn more about the maturation process from this kit than almost anything else available to the public.


The Woodinville Whiskey Company's Age Your Own Whiskey kit comes with the highest recommendation. It is the most educational and fun whiskey related product on the market and the high-quality whiskey that it produces is second to none.

Enjoying the whiskey one has aged themselves from the included Glencairn glasses for the first time is a truly memorable experience and well worth the $150 price tag.

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