Real Nurseries: Tristan's Woodland Adventure

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    Celebrating A New Adventure

    Neutral Nursery with travel/adventure theme
    Photo via Simply Beyoutiful Photography.

    For John and Jenn Hugo, the creative husband and wife duo behind Simply Beyoutiful Photography, life is an adventure. So when the couple learned they would be starting an exciting, new journey into parenthood, they couldn’t imagine a better theme for their little one’s nursery.

    “We both knew from the start that we were going for an adventure theme,” John said. “We love to travel, and we wanted Tristan’s nursery to reflect that."

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    Woodland Wonder

    Neutral nursery with rustic woodland accents
    Photo via Simply Beyoutiful Photography.

    John and Jenn also share a love of the great outdoors, which became an important part of their nursery plans.

    “We wanted to share our passion for hiking and being outdoors with our little one,” Jenn explained. “So everything is themed for just that: pictures and stuffed toys of woodland animals, children's books based on exploring, and signs to inspire our little guy to go out and explore!”

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    A Room with a View

    Neutral nursery with mountain mural
    Photo via Simply Beyoutiful Photography.

    Tristan’s stunning mountain mural - a labor of love that took over a week to finish - was inspired by the couple’s recent visit to Sutro Baths in San Francisco.

    “I took this image of the waves crashing against the rocks with the hills in the background,” explained John. “The hills looked amazing. I’m not artistic enough to paint the waves, but it was pretty simple to draw the hills and paint them different shades.”

    Dying to create a vista of your own? You'll find John's tutorial right here. If you need more inspiration, check out these 6 Can't-Miss Mountain Murals.

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    A Neutral Nursery with Contemporary Charm

    A neutral nursery with a well-organized, color-coordinated closet
    Photo via Simply Beyoutiful Photography.

    Despite it’s woodland theme and rustic accents, this bright and neutral nursery boasts a clean, contemporary feel. A rich palette of tan, brown and grey lend a sense of sophistication to the space, ensuring it’ll be a good fit for years to come.

    “We wanted something that our son wouldn’t outgrow.” Jen explained. “We’re really big fans of neutral colors, so we tried to steer away from the traditional boy colors.”

    The couple did settle on a fun accent color though. A splash of turquoise, representing Tristan’ birthstone color, pairs nicely with room's navy accents, bringing energy to the color scheme. 

    Going neutral? Check out these 5 Tips for Decorating a Neutral Nursery.

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    Good Advice

    Walking into the nursery
    Photo via Simply Beyoutiful Photography.

    When it comes to nursery advice, the couple really recommends taking your time.

    “Plan it out well in advance,” John suggests. “It’s not like you have to do it all in one day.  You have nine months to get it perfect for your little one, so build and add to the nursery little by little.

    Getting an early start also allows plenty of time for creating one-of-a-kind nursery projects.

    “I really encourage other parents to try and DIY as much as possible, especially if you’re working with a budget,” Jen said. She and her husband made many of their nursery accessories themselves, crafting DIYS and revamping thrift-store finds to meet their needs. 

    “Even if we could afford to shop at high-end baby stores, I think we would still stick to what we did," shares Jenn. "It’s just such a rewarding feeling to know you made it all for your baby yourself."

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    Nursery Details

    Little explorer: Woodland/travel themed nursery
    Photo via Simply Beyoutiful Photography.

    See something you love? You'll find everything you need, including tutorials for many of Jenn and John's gorgeous DIYs, listed below.


    • The Crib: Baby Mod - Marley 3-in-1 -
    • Arm Chair - HomeGoods
    • Knit Poof -
    • Fur Rug: RENS Sheepskin - IKEA
    • Standing Lamp: RANARP Lamp - IKEA
    • Wooden Step Stool: BEKVAM Stool - IKEA
    • Book Shelves: BEKVAM Spice Rack (Painted Blue and Repurposed) - IKEA
    • Closet Organization System: ClosetMaid Selectives - Home Depot
    • Arrow-Print Hamper - TJ Maxx
    • Framed Woodland-Themed Wall Art: Etsy
    • Never Stop Exploring” Sign - TJ Maxx
    • Yellow Biplane - HomeGoods
    • Vintage Globe - TJ Maxx
    • Pilot's Cap and Goggles -
    • Lantern -
    • Wall-Mounted Arrow with Hooks - Target
    • Stag-Head Hook - TJ Maxx


    • Dresser/Changing Station (See the revamp here.)
    • Vintage Suitcases