Work-From-Home Jobs in Canada

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These legitimate work from home jobs in Canada range from jobs in teaching and software development to call centers and translation.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Writing
    Dotdash contracts with experts in many fields who write online content. Choose from the 6 Dotdash verticals based on the kind of content you want to write: The Spruce, Lifewire, ThoughtCo, Verywell, TripSavvy, and The Balance. Pay for these work at home jobs starts with base calculated on a per-article. Compensation increases with page view growth.
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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Medical transcription and coding
    Ottawa-based company hires medical transcriptionists and medical coders as home-based independent contractors.
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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Sales, IT, Management, Corporate
    Global provider of business processing (payroll, talent management, human resource management, benefits administration and time and attendance  to employers and automotive dealerships offers a significant number of home-based opportunities in may different field. Look for jobs in its company database with "home office" in the location. More Sales Jobs From Home


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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Call Center, Mystery Shopping
    This Canadian market research company, based in Edmonton, Alberta, employs home call center agents (from Canada only) to perform surveys. Bilingual in French or Spanish is an asset. Paid training and a set wage. More Bilingual Call Center Jobs

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Transcription
    Ontario-based company hires transcriptionists, transcription reviewers, editors, real-time writers and scopists to work from home during peak seasons. More Transcription Work-at-Home Jobs

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Online teaching/tutoring
    Online tutors from anywhere in the world teach subjects such as math, science, and English to students from around the globe using Skype. Teaching experience and a college degree in subject taught are required. More Education Work-at-Home Jobs

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Software Developer
    Software development company hires home-based contractors and employees throughout North America — without requiring them to relocate. 

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Call Centers
    Company employs work-at-home call center agents in the U.S. and Canada to take in-bound customer service and sales calls. Agents are paid an hourly rate, and training is paid. Applicants must pass a background check, but unlike in the U.S., there is no charge to Canadian applicants for this. Bilingual French skills a plus.
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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Call Centers
    Apple at Home is a work at home call center program from Apple that is part of the company's AppleCare department. Use the keyword "home" in the company’s job database. It recruits French and English bilingual agents.
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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Travel, Corporate
    American Express hires travel counselors in remote positions in Canada and allows some of its corporate and sales jobs to be telecommuted. Use "virtual" "telecommute" or "work at home" as keywords to find a job online in its database.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Online teaching assistant
    Register as an online teaching assistant (master's degree or PhD required) in a subject, then answer questions posted by students. The TA earns a percentage of the fee paid by the questioner and can earn more if the answer is downloaded by other students. Pay (in Canadian dollars) is monthly when teaching assistant has earned at least $50.
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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Call Centers
    Employees of this BPO work 35-40 hours a week as work-at-home customer service reps, sales agents and technical support staff. Training is paid. Choose Canada from drop-down menu in jobs database to see if Canadian jobs are available. Hires in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Yukon and Nunavut.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Call Centers
    With employees in most U.S. States, Canada and United Kingdom, Cincinnati-based company employs virtual call center agents to receive incoming calls and provide services, which may include customer service, sales or technical support.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Clinical Research
    This U.S.-based biopharmaceutical development company with research operations in more than 25 countries hires clinical research associates to work remotely (with at least 65% travel ) in specific locations in the U.S. Canada and Europe. Used "home-based" in its jobs database.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job:Test writing
    Canadian company CES develops practice tests for TOEFL and TOEIC. It hires experienced test writers and voice actors from Canada.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Call Centers
    Canadian energy retailer contracts work-at-home agents to take inbound customer service calls for its furnace, water heater and air conditioning divisions. These agents work part time, managing account inquires, sell products and services. Jobs pay an hourly rate with the opportunity for sales bonuses. Jobs are hired through ContractXchange, which charges fees for training courses.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Call Centers
    Company that owns Alamo, Enterprise and National Car Rental recruits home-based reservation agents in Ontario and New Brunswick. Applicants need to live in specific cities in these provinces.


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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Call Center/Customer Service
    Global customer service outsourcing firm offers home-based jobs for French-speaking call center agents based in Montreal.


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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Nursing
    Formed in 1996, Fonemed provides telephone triage services to physician practices, managed-care organizations, third party administrators, disease management providers, private employers and associations throughout North America.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Call Centers
    GE hires as "client services representatives" to review and analyze credit applications and credit bureau information, communicate credit decisions and provide support for customer application issues. Most of GE Financial's call center jobs are office-based but when it is hiring for home-based jobs they will be listed in its jobs database. Bilingual French and Spanish CSRs often needed. Benefits include health, vision and disability.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Translation, Translation Review, Localization
    Canadian company assists clients with translation and cultural adaptation needs. Its translation jobs are for both translators and translation reviewers.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Translation Review, Search Evaluator
    Hires ad quality raters, who evaluate the accuracy of Google web advertising and communicating the effectiveness of web layouts and information using an online tool. The requirements include a BA/BS degree (or equivalent experience), fluency in a specific language as well as English, an understanding of the culture of the speakers of the specific language, web research and analytical capabilities, high-speed Internet connection and...MORE U.S. (or sometimes Canadian) work authorization. Languages include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, German and Spanish.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job:
    Sales, Software Development
    This company does not actually employ home call center agents, but develops the software for companies that use home call center agents. However, it does have a significant remote workforce in fields such as sales, network operations and software development in the U.S., Canada and other parts of the world.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Software development, IT, marketing
    Intuit does not hire its TurboTax work-at-home tax advisors in Canada, but it does hire other telecommuting jobs out of Montreal. Use "remote" in its jobs database.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job:
    Headquartered in Monterrey, CA, Language Line Services hires telephone interpreters (both as employees and independent contractors) from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Puerto Rico, Panama, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job:
    Interpretation/Translation, Internet research
    Global localization company provides interpretation, translation and localization to business clients as well as "global crowdsourcing solutions for clients with international search engines and online marketing initiatives." Its Internet assessor jobs (similar to Google's ads quality rater).

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job:
    Test prep tutoring Company offers tutors “live courses, online courses and private tutoring students” and pays them $100 an hour for teaching (less during training). The focus of this company which has locations nationwide in the U.S. as well as in Canada, England and France, is on-site, but there are online jobs as well.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Project management
    Global business technology company has a virtual team of "professional services partners" in the United States and Canada. The managers in these position direct a team as well as interact with customers. Use "telecommute" in company's jobs database.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Customer Support, Sales
    Cloud-based medical documentation company hires home-based customer support agents with knowledge of this industry.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Sales, IT, marketing
    Customer relationship management (CRM) software firm specializing in social, mobile and cloud technologies hires for work-at-home positions across several divisions.


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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Transcription, data entry
    Company offers transcription of short audio files, such as voicemails and dictated notes, by hiring work-at-home transcribers. Quicktate pays $.0025USD per word and iDictate and Quicktates medical transcription work pay $.0050USD per word, via PayPal. Successful Quicktate transcriptionists may receive work from iDictate, which transcribes a wider range of longer documents. Bilingual, particularly Spanish and English, transcribers needed but...MORE other languages such as French, desired too.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job:
    Online teaching/tutoring
    Online tutors at this Washington, D.C.-based education company may work from anywhere in the world as long as they have reliable Internet access (and a U. S. bank account). They tutor high school and college students in a variety of subjects. Tutors are paid on an hourly basis and work part time (usually 9-20 hours per week) Master's degree or above preferred. Peak season for hiring is May-August and November-December every year.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job:
    Data Entry
    Hiring home-based typists throughout the United States and Canada to work as independent contractors, SpeakWrite requires a typing speed of 65 WPM. More Transcription Work at Home Jobs

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Call Centers
    Office supply retailer employs work-at-home call center agents (both English- and French-speaking) for work at home jobs based throughout Canada. Choose Canada from the “Location” drop-down menu in its jobs database.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Interpretation/Translations
    Telephonic interpretation company also has opening for bilingual contact center agents. Company hires out of U.S., Canada, India and Asia.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job:
    This online educational service connects students to tutors from computers in their local library, community center, school, after school program, or from home. To become certified as an online tutor, you must have a degree from or be enrolled in a U.S. or Canadian college, then you must pass a test in your area of specialty and submit a writing sample. The process takes 1-3 weeks.

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    Type of Work-From-Home Job: Call Centers
    Work-at-home call center employees answer general questions and take reservations from customers across the US and Canada. Paid training. Search "work from home" in company's job database. These are part-time and temporary positions.