Working Mom, Relax and Try One Of These Home Delivery Meal Kits

A Home Delivery Meal Kits takes the work out of cooking dinner

Home Meal Delivery Service can make cooking easier
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When everyone gets home they are tired and hungry.  Dangerous combination, right?  If you didn’t take the time to meal plan then you are in even bigger trouble!  Meal planning and cooking are two things working moms wish could be made easier.

Well they can be with a Home Delivery Meal Kit service.  You can buy less at the grocery store for a few weeks and go sign up for an account at Depending on what you order you’ll spend about $9-$12 per meal.

  You choose what meals you’d like to eat and when you’d like them to be delivered.  All of the services ship in a refrigerated/insulated box so you don’t need to worry about it staying outside until you get home (although you could get it delivered to your work and put it in your work refrigerator). They tell you how to cook it, you cook it, and then you eat! And the awesome part is there’s no food to toss in the trash because these companies pride themselves on sending you the exact portions that you need.

And even better news Consumer Reports said that they are all really tasty and do cook up as quickly as advertised!  A meal tasting good and ready in 30 minutes!  Let’s get started!

Get farm-fresh ingredients with Blue Apron

Founded in 2012, Blue Apron is a New York-based start-up delivers their meals with a box with a blue apron on it and calls you a “home chef”.  The refrigerated box includes fresh produce, sustainable sourced fish, mean with no added hormones or sub­-therapeutic antibiotics, in-season ingredients and recipes.

When you sign up for their Family Plan you can choose whether you want two recipes or four recipes.  Each recipe serves four people. You can select if you which types of proteins you want (meat, fish, chicken, lamb, etc) or if you're a vegetarian. Each meal by Blue Apron is between 500-800 calories.

The meals comes with a recipe but you can go online to watch their how-to videos and comment or ask a question about a recipe you’re interested in.  How convenient it’d be to watch this video during your lunch break so you feel prepared to go home and create a delicious dinner. 

If buying from local farms is a priority for you go check out their suppliers listed on their website along with what recipe you could choose from using their products.  If you are into wine, they also have a wine delivery service!  And if you are in need of cooking appliances after you reading how to cook some of these meals they have the Blue Apron Market place (they even sell Blue Aprons!).

Their mission is, “to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone.”  This sounds great to us working moms who feel like take out is sometimes our only option for quick and tasty food. They offer two plans, one is for two people and the other is for a family of four.

Also, Blue Apron offers free delivery nation-wide.  Blue Apron does not make you commit to their service.  You can skip a week or cancel at any time.

Order The Family Box from Hello Fresh

Founded in 2011, Hello Fresh is a Germany-based company who also prides itself on sending you farm fresh ingredients and calls it’s self a “Healthy Meal Delivery Service”.

  You receive an insulated box with a picture of a fork, green plate, and knife.  What’s in it depends on the type of plan you select and they said their calories are roughly 500-800 per meal. When checking out their recipes allergen information is included within the ingredients in parenthesis.

They offer three plans: The Classic which is suited for two to four adults offering seasonal produce, fish, meat and balanced grains.  The Veggie box is for two to four adults who are vegetarians contains seasonal vegetables, whole grains, and animal-free proteins.  Lastly, they offer The Family Box which includes kid-friendly meals and twists on the classic meals and it’s meant for two adults and two children. All boxes include step-by-step recipe instructions with many pictures to follow.

Their mission is to get more people cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients and not grabbing takeout.

  They brought on board Jamie Oliver and for every meal you order made by Jamie a donation is made to his charity, “Eat Well, Do Good”.

Hello Fresh also values their relationships with their suppliers that bring you such fresh ingredients.  If you want to learn more about them, they are over on their website as well.

If you think this is something you’re interested in but can’t afford to make the investment put a gift card or e-gift card to Hello Fresh on your holiday gift list. They offer them on their website!  What a great Mother’s Day gift that would make!

Their delivery is free nationwide as well.  If you want to cancel, skip or pause your membership you need to let them know five days before your next delivery date.  


These two companies have about ten competitors out there and growing.  It's a great thing to have more healthy options without to high of a price tag.  Give them all a shot because almost all of them ask for no fee or commitment.  If money is tight use services like this when your strapped for time like the holidays or when you need to go out of town and your significant other needs to cook for the family.  It's all about making things work for you and your family and this kind of service makes things easy.