The 5 Secrets to a Working Mom's Irresistible Self-Care

Create and faithfully follow a plan to take care of yourself

Irresistible self-care like this
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One of the top working mom complaints is not having enough time to take care of them.  Can you relate?  One solution is to create a self-care plan that is so awesome that you can't help but follow it. The kind of plan you feel like yourself.  It’ll help you feel refreshed and grounded so you can continue playing each of your roles to the best of your ability.  

The kind of self-care we’re talking about here is the act of taking care of your mind, body, and soul.

 Self-care is a need not a want. If you want to succeed at working motherhood you need to take care of yourself.  Sure you can get by and survive the day without self-care but life gets easier if you take care of yourself properly.

The first step in creating an irresistible plan is to write it down.  Nothing will be forgotten when a child starts crying or an important phone call interrupts your train of thought.  It’ll keep you accountable and reminds you just how good your plan looks.

In your self-care plan you’ll include things you love to do. But if you want your plan to be irresistible incorporate these five secret tips.

Secret #1: Make your self-care plan unique to you

If your fairy godmother took your responsibilities away for the day, what would you so with yourself?  My answer: read one book a month, read my magazine’s the day they arrive, start a rose garden, frame more family pictures, go on a bike ride every day, and make my own clothes.

  But these things are part of my plan, not yours.

Avoid asking friends and family for help on this.  The answers won’t be uniquely yours and then you won’t follow the plan.  The ideas have to come from you otherwise this won’t work. 

Allow yourself to view your world from this fairy godmother perspective and then write down your wishes.

  To organize your wishes use mind-mapping to capture all of your thoughts.  Include things that you like to do that you can’t find time for as well as any fairy godmother wishes.

Secret #2: Become aware of what you feel both physically and mentally

When you are doing something in your self-care plan get into the habit of running a body scan to see how your body feels.  Are your muscles tired?  Does anything hurt?  How is your body holding up today?

Next, what can you do, within that moment, to make your body feel better?  How about spending one minute stretching, taking a few deep breaths with your eyes closed, or taking some Advil or Tylenol for joint pain? 

The point to running a physical body scan is to shut the world out, check out your bodacious body and be sure it’s feeling well.  If it’s not, do something in that moment to find relief.

Next, when you are off on your run or bike ride run a mental scan searching for the emotions you’re feeling.  Are you in a slump?  Or are you excited about something?  You don’t have to solve your problems, if you have any, but it’s important to get in touch with your feelings. 

Secret #3: Give yourself permission to ___<fill in the blank>____

Give yourself permission to stop what you’re doing and follow your irresistible self-care plan.

  Give yourself permission to stop falling for the disease to please.  Give yourself permission to pause for a moment and think about your life.  When you are sitting in that bubble bath contemplate what big personal goals you are going after instead of worrying about your to-do list (give yourself permission to stop thinking about your to-do list!)

If you wait for someone else to give you permission to follow your self-care plan it won’t happen as often as it should.  Give yourself permission to follow your irresistible self-care plan.

Secret #4: No pressure for perfection

Although the plan you’re creating will be irresistible there’s no real pressure to follow it every single day.  There’s no room in your life for this type of self-pressure.  There will be days when you feel very satisfied with your self-care and there will be others… not so much.


Life is give and take and so is following your self-care plan.  This plan is not for you to check off every item and cause stress, it’s meant to relieve it.

Secret #5: Say "I am worth it", then repeat.

First, write down everything you did from the moment you work up to the moment you went to bed.  Isn’t It is amazing what you are capable of? Can you see how much you for your job, for your family, and for your home? It'd disrespectful to yourself for you not to spend time and energy on self-care fun.  You are worth your own time.

When in doubt repeat this mantra, "I am worth it" and then repeat this over and over again.


If you aren't in the mood to follow your self-care plan remember that when you take care of you your problems become few.  When you start taking care of your mind, body, and soul you attract positivity.  People, like your family or co-workers, will be happier around you because you are radiating with happiness.  

When you start taking better care of yourself amazing things happen like being more productive at work.  You are more focused, energized and happy.  At home you’re focused on your children or home with no worries that you “should” be doing something else.