11 Workshop Storage Ideas to Cut Down the Clutter

Workshop with hanging storage

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Most of us are way more productive when our workspaces are clean and tidy. If you spend a lot of time in your workshop or craft room, a well-organized space is a must. Not only will it help reduce clutter and give you more workable space, but it can make your craft so much easier when everything you need is in its assigned spot.

If you're hunting for ways to cut down on clutter, here are some of our favorite workshop storage ideas. Some are DIYs, while others will take a little more handiwork—but they're perfect for whatever workspace you have in your home.

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    Try Pegboard

    Pegboard with thread and hoops

    peoniesonsunday / Instagram

    There are few things as versatile as pegboard, especially when organizing a craft room. This lovely idea from peoniesonsunday uses a pegboard to keep embroidery supplies neat, organized, and easy to find. Pegboard is also great for hanging tools or adding shelves in your workspace.

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    Use Hooks for Tape

    Blue desk with hanging supplies

    containandreclaim / Instagram

    We love this idea from containandreclaim for any craft room or workshop. Using a few metal bars (IKEA is a great source) and hooks, simply hang spools of tape from hooks. If you have other supplies, you can add baskets or bins and fill them with pens, pencils, and more.

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    Build a Spray Can Holder

    Spray can holder

    @sloaneswoodworking / Instagram

    If your craft involves spray paint, you'll love this idea from @sloaneswoodworking. Using a few pieces of plywood and some plastic tubes, this maker created the perfect organizer for multiple cans of spray paint so you can easily sift through the collection and grab exactly what you need. Cans of paint have a tendency to look cluttered and take up a lot of space, but this DIY is anything but messy.

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    Add a Place for Notes

    Workspace with clipboards for notes

    @deer_river_craftsman / Instagram

    If you need a place to keep track of clients' orders or to-do lists, this clipboard idea from @deer_river_craftsman is a nifty DIY you can finish in a single day. All you need is a corkboard and a few clipboards, and you can create a space to keep all of your orders and notes organized while you work.

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    Try a Rolling Cart

    Gray rolling cart

    jerodelletrinidad / Instagram

    This storage idea is perfect if you're short on floor space or you have a multipurpose craft room. Crafter jerodelletrinidad used a rolling metal cart to store everyday craft supplies like paint, glue, and brushes. This idea is great if you want to easily stow your supplies when they're not needed—simply roll and tuck away.

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    Use Plastic Storage Containers

    Craft room with storage containers

    neutralliving_ / Instagram

    This craft room from neutralliving_ is giving us major organization envy, but it's an incredibly easy DIY to copy. Head to a dollar store and pick up a handful of clear plastic bins and a permanent marker, and create a home for all of your tools and knickknacks.

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    Add Magnets

    Wooden storage with magnets for tools

    keevanski / Instagram

    If you are constantly forgetting to put your metal tools back where they go, check out this wall storage idea from keevanski. Using a piece of wood and a magnetic strip, you can create a place to easily hang metal tools. For those tools that aren't metal, add a few nails or hooks to hang instead.

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    Make Wall Storage for Brushes

    Hanging brushes on wood and nails

    ben.tews.handcraft / Instagram

    For those items you don't want to get tossed around in a bin or a drawer, consider DIY-ing a simple hanging storage concept. This storage idea from ben.tews.handcraft is a simple piece of wood and metal nails, but it's a great way to hang brushes or other delicate items where you can easily access them.

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    Try a Barn Door

    Storage with a barn door

    simplysalvagedbysandra / Instagram

    This wonderful storage bench from simplysalvagedbysandra is perfect for all of your tools and loose odds and ends. The sliding barn doors give it a rustic feel and allow you easily hide all of your stuff, while the upper pegboard piece is perfect for hanging those items you use every day.

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    Utilize Your Corners

    Wooden storage with drawers

    livingstonhardware / Instagram

    If you're short on storage space, don't neglect those harder-to-use areas, like corners. This wooden storage shelf from livingstonhardware fits perfectly in a nook, and provides drawers and shelves for tools, paint, and more.

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    Think Vertically

    Hanging baskets on pegboard

    salazarcustoms / Instagram

    Here's another pegboard idea from salazarcustoms that is perfect for getting loose odds and ends out of your way. By using bright, fun colors in your workshop storage, your organization doubles as wall art, too.