A New World's Largest Crochet Blanket

Crafty records are being broken left and right!

world's largest crochet blanket
world's largest crochet blanket. Henk Joubert

I recently published the story of a new Guinness World Record for the world's largest granny square crochet blanket. I also just heard from Henk Joubert who shared a different world record attempt for the world's largest crochet blanket. Although the size of the blankets is amazing, it's really the stories behind them that inspire the most!

Knit for Japan

Just to refresh your memory, the Guinness World Record for the largest granny square crochet blanket was just awarded to Bernd Kestler of Knit for Japan.

He collected crochet granny squares from around the world in honor of the tsunami survivors and stitched them into a huge blanket. The blanket consisted of 11,250 crochet granny squares that were stitched into 225 individual blankets (later donated) that were then stitched together into one large blanket measuring 476+ square meters (or about 4800 square feet).

Crochet Blankets for Children and Elderly

This new world record that I'm telling you about is the collective effort of Nededuitcsh Hervormde Church, Welgelegen-Pietersburg in South Africa, which already had an outreach program to give crochet blankets to children and the elderly in need. In order to motivate people to donate, they decided to challenge the group to go for the world record in a project headed up by Rev. Henk Joubert with the encouragement of his wife. They asked for donations of 400 crochet lapghans measuring 1.5m x 1m each.

The World's Largest Crochet Blanket

The goal was reached within twelve weeks! The congregation and surrounding community kept on donating blankets to the project for a total of 562 individual crochet blankets that could eventually be donated to children and elderly in need. The huge blanket, all stitched together, measured 1020 square meters (or more than 3360 square feet).

It weighed more than 510 kg (or more than 1125 pounds!) This far exceeds the previous world record for the world's largest crochet blanket, which was 81 feet by 38 feet. Note that this doesn't cancel out the Knit for Japan record, which was specifically for a granny square crochet blanket, but exists alongside it.

Inspiring Stories of People Who Crochet

Everyone who contributes to a collaborative crochet project like this has a unique and inspiring story. I received a pdf about the project that shared just a few of the inspiring stories from the project. It tells about a 72-year-old woman who lost use of her right hand to a stroke several years ago but taught herself to crochet one-handed and contributed four blankets to the project. It tells of one elderly woman confined to a wheelchair and another confined to her bed with an oxygen tank who each crocheted to contribute to the cause. And it highlights the efforts of one woman, 73-year-old Nellie, who contributed fifty crochet blankets all by herself, made and donated in the 25 week time span of the project.

See photos in this Facebook group.

Watch a video about it here. Note that it's not in English but you can see the blanket.