Worry Eaters From Haywire Group Help Reduce Stress for Kids

Haywire Group

Did you know there is a plush toy that can reduce stress and anxiety in children?

Polli, Flint, Flamm, Schnulli, Eno, Bill, Betti, Saggo, Biff, Pomm, Frula and Wanda are super-soft, plush toys with a zippered mouth. They are also known as the Worry Eaters.

Because these cute little monsters are available in a variety of colors and patterns, they allow kids to pick out the perfect listening buddy.

Children are encouraged to tell, write, draw and share their concerns with their Worry Eater.

They can do this by unzipping the Worry Eater's mouth and talking to them, or by drawing a picture, crumpling it up and placing it into the Worry Eater's belly.

The world is a difficult place for many children. Friendship, the dark, traumatic life events, a parent's job loss, difficult standardized tests, medical visits for themselves or upcoming procedures for family members, and simply viewing brief clips of the news, can create a lot of questions and concerns which are a source of  stress and anxiety in children. 

It is completely overwhelming for children to deal with such intense, complicated and challenging feelings at young ages.  As a result, what they may not be able to say in words can manifest itself in bad behavior, crying and a lot of temper tantrums.

Parents need to listen carefully to their child's concerns. It is important to engage kids in conversation, read them books and help them eliminate their fears by drawing pictures.

 Some children might need the help of a guidance counselor or psychologist for more ways to help cope with feelings of anger, stress and anxiety.

Every child expresses anxiety and fear differently. Not every child feels relief by the same recipe of an exact order of strategies. While some kids might be more talkative, others might lack the ability to speak their concerns.

Some children feel more comfortable expressing their fears by drawing pictures.

Writing down their concerns and drawing pictures, then placing the worries into the belly or the ear of their favorite Worry Eater, can allow kids to transfer their anxiety to these cute little plush toys. It gives them an outlet to cope, rather than letting it manifest internally and lead to more challenging behavior and tantrums that can hurt their relationships with adults and friends. 

Parents all hope for the best. However, life, school, sickness and circumstances beyond anyone's control, can lead to difficult situations that children need to deal with. Having a friend, like a Worry Eater can definitely children learn to deal with stress and maybe even reduce or eliminate any anxieties.

The Worry Eaters are available on Amazon.com

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