Review of WORX 20V MaxLithium Battery-powered Trimmer

Compact, Quiet, Lightweight Tool Does a Great Job of Trimming

WORX 20V MaxLithium Battery-powered Trimmer

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The WORX GT 3-in-1 20V trimmer/edger is a quiet, compact, clean and efficient machine perfectly suited to most suburban-size lawns. This product weighs a lot less than conventional trimmers, making it easy to use for a wide range of people.

It transitions easily from trimmer to edger to mini-mower and does a decent job at all three. A true zero-emission lawn tool, the WORX GT Trimmer runs on a powerful 20V MaxLithium battery that provides plenty of operating time and quick charging times.

Fully adjustable handles and telescoping body allows for a perfect fit regardless of size. The line feeds automatically, and it's quick and easy to change out pre-loaded spools of line.

Purchase the WORX GT directly from their website for around $120, which can be paid in installments. (Also see our review of the Worx 56V Battery Cordless Mower.)

Ideal for Most Homeowners

The WORX GT Trimmer/edger is perfect for someone who doesn't want to store gasoline or deal with the maintenance involved in owning a gas-powered trimmer. If you have a mid-sized to a small yard and limited storage space, or have little trimming or edging to do on a weekly basis, this trimmer/edger is well designed. 

The WORX trimmer is also ideal for homeowners interested in green lawn care. The 20V MaxLithium battery powers a truly emission-free trimmer. There are no spark plugs and no oil or gasoline to store or possibly spill.

Storage is a snap for the WORX GT Trimmer. The same adjustments that lend to its ease of use also enable it to be stored in limited spaces. Perfect for urban households where storage is at a premium, but a string trimmer is still handy to own.

The WORX GT might not be for you if you regularly clear large areas of tall grass and weeds or perform an extensive amount of trimming.

There are some jobs and situations where the power and thick line of gas powered trimmer are best suited.

Easy to Use for Everyone

The WORXGT trimmer/edger is extremely easy to use. It's light-weight and adjustable to many different heights and angles. Transitioning to the edger function is simple with well-designed features. The trim "whip" is easy to change by inserting a pre-strung spool. 

As an edger, the WORX GT cuts a distinct, precise vertical line along walkways or beds. Its lightweight lends well to balance and ease of control. The wheel helps with maintain direction and keeps the height uniform, saving on string.

Putting the wheel in the third position allows the trimmer to maintain a consistent height of cut and act more like a mini mower. The trimmer coupled with the adjustable handle can get into lots of hard to reach areas with minimal effort. The line auto-feeds for complete ease of trimming and edging in addition to a push button line release.

Decent Power and Long Life

When testing the WORX GT on a full battery, I ran out of juice before the battery did. I trimmed my entire mid-sized suburban lawn and even a larger patch of grass just trying to wear the battery down. After about 30 minutes I was convinced that the trimmer has enough staying power to service almost any lawn.

The trimmer showed its limitations when put into thicker, longer grass, but that is to be expected with a light-duty trimmer. The WORX GT performs best during light trimming and edging on a suburban lawn. The line is very light compared to the thick, commercial twine I am used to but it is fine when doing basic trimming tasks.

The 20V MaxLithium battery is compatible with other WORX lawn tools like their blower and hedge trimmer for convenience and conservation. Best of all, it's green. The WORX GT does not require extension cords, gasoline, oil, mixed fuels, spark plugs, filters or any other small engine maintenance. The more lawn equipment we have like that, the better.

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