How to Wrap Holiday Gifts Like a Minimalist

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    Cheap, Easy and Eco Friendly Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts


    Gift wrap is expensive. Americans spend a whopping $3.2 billion a year on the stuff.

    Want to keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket this holiday season? These money-saving ideas show how to wrap gifts like a minimalist using cheap and repurposed materials.

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    How to Print Wrapping Paper


    You can print your own gift wrap using cookie cutters, kraft paper and craft paint.

    • To make, cover the underside of a cookie cutter in paint using a foam brush.
    • Next, press the painted end firmly down on a sheet of kraft paper.
    • When the paint is dry, you're ready to wrap.
    • Need a bow? Multi-purpose twine or string is cheaper than ribbon.

    FYI, a large roll of white kraft paper that measures 24" by 900' costs around $35. For many of you, that's enough to last a lifetime.

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    Newspaper and Baker's Twine

    Who knew a present wrapped in a newspaper sheet could look this good? The red and white Baker's twine gives this gift its festive look.

    A 2,400-foot roll of Baker's twine costs around ten dollars. You can find it on Amazon and at most craft stores. And just like the kraft paper, a roll of this stuff will last a long time.

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    How to Make a Gift Bow

    That special gift you got for your special someone deserves a big bow. Here's how you can make one using paper from an old magazine

    • First, cut a page into half inch strips in graduated sizes.
    • Next, take the three longest pieces and form each one into a figure-eight shaped loop.
    • Afterward, stack the three loops in a circular pattern and secure in the middle with a staple
    • Repeat the process three or four times.
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    A Sprig of Evergreen

    Love That Party

    Kick the traditional gift bow to the curb this season and use a sprig of evergreen instead. To secure the stem in place wrap several times with string or twine.

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    Black Kraft Paper and Chalk

    Going Home to Roost

    Black kraft paper will make any wrapped gift look super elegant  Like butcher paper, it's also sold in large rolls. Even better, you can personalize each present you wrap using white chalk or a marker.

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    Brown Bag Your Holiday Gifts


    Brown paper lunch bags make gift wrapping a snap. You can find packages of 50 for less than five dollars. You can decorate them using a rubber stamp and ink pad. Afterward, you can use a marker to add more color. 

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    From Rags to Ribbons

    Got an old T-shirt or sheet you want to repurpose? You can transform them into gift ribbon by cutting each item into one inch wide strips.  

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    You Can't Go Wrong With Candy

    A festive piece of candy like a lollipop can dress up a gift wrapped in plain kraft paper and twine.

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    Create Pillow Boxes Out of Toilet Paper Rolls


    You know those cardboard inserts inside of rolls of toilet paper? You can repurpose them into pillow boxes.

    • To do, gently flatten the rounded ends on each side.
    • After you slip the gift into the "box", use twine to keep it closed.