20 Wraparound Porch Ideas We're Swooning Over

curved wraparound porch

Sailer Design

A wraparound porch combines the best of many of the elements of other porch types: they're useful for entering and exiting the home, they offer protection from the elements, make it easy to enjoy nice weather, and can be enjoyed for most of the year. "A wraparound porch provides multiple views, different gathering areas, and shelter from the heat and sun," says Marian Vaias of Anthony Wilder Design/Build.

And the great news is that there is no one particular home style required for a wraparound porch; they look excellent with a variety of architectural styles. Below, you'll find 20 houses with gorgeous wraparound porches that are bound to make you swoon.

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    Shingle Style Wraparound Porch

    curved wraparound porch

    Design: GTM Architects / Photo: Jenn Verrier

    This classic shingle style custom home features a curved wraparound porch. If sharp corners don't speak to you, consider a porch in a rounded shape like this one.

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    Farmhouse Style Wraparound Porch

    wraparound farmhouse style porch

    Design: Bria Hammel / Photo: Spacecrafting

    Farmhouses are designed with the concept of "the more, the merrier" in mind, and this home certainly reflects this philosophy due to its sizable wraparound porch, which is outfitted with a couple of rocking chairs.

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    Bungalow Wraparound Porch

    wraparound porch with columns

    Rill Architects

    This bungalow home features a wraparound porch that is filled with various types of furnishings, potted trees, and more. One benefit about this size of porch is that there are plenty of different nooks to decorate and you can create a number of seating areas depending on your needs.

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    Craftsman Wraparound Porch

    wraparound bungalow porch

    Rill Architects

    How cute is this craftsman home? This wraparound porch is a bit more private than others we've seen due to its wide columns, so you can enjoy your morning coffee in peace.

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    Victorian Wraparound Porch

    wraparound victorian porch


    This Victorian shingled home features a stunning curved wraparound porch that mirrors the turreted balcony above it. Hanging plants add a pleasant pop of bright green to the exterior of the home.

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    Lake House Wraparound Porch

    wraparound lakehouse porch


    This spacious lake house features a front porch that contains many different sitting areas, making it easy for residents and guests alike to carve out some alone time or gather together for meals outdoors.

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    Modern English Wraparound Porch

    modern english wraparound porch


    Craving some seclusion? This modern English home contains a wraparound porch that offers a bit of extra privacy due to its thick posts.

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    Red Brick Shingle Style Wraparound Porch

    shingle style house

    Design: Mackin Architects / Photo: Scott Frances

    Here is another example of a stately shingle style house with a wraparound porch. You can of course choose to paint yours in the hue of your choosing, but a traditional white will always make a sophisticated statement, especially if your house has colorful bricks and other detailing.

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    Shingle Style and Stone Wraparound Porch

    stone house with wraparound porch

    Design: Mackin Architects / Photo: Philip Jensen Carter

    This shingle style home features many different porch-like nooks. Here, a wraparound porch leads to a screened porch, while a balcony allows for outdoor access upstairs.

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    Stone Farmhouse Wraparound Porch

    curved wraparound porch

    Sailer Design

    Hanging planters add a touch of charm to this wraparound porch's seating area. During the winter months, you can easily replace fresh blooms with garland for a seasonal touch.

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    White Farmhouse Wraparound Porch


    Sailer Design

    This farmhouse style home has a wraparound porch on just one side. While the home is relatively simple in appearance, the stone detailing adds charm and character.

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    City Bungalow Wraparound Porch

    white house with wraparound porch

    Design: LaRue Architects / Photo: Casey Dunn

    While this home features vast city views, a screened porch makes it appear as though it could be tucked away in the countryside.

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    Modern Bungalow Wraparound Porch

    stucco house with porch

    Brandon Architects

    Modern homes can feature wraparound porches, too. This contemporary bungalow home with a stucco exterior offers outdoor access on its upper levels as well.

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    Victorian Waterfront Wraparound Porch

    victorian wraparound porch

    Cardello Architects

    Who needs to go to a lakeside resort when your actual home offers prime relaxation opportunities? This spacious Victorian home features a wraparound porch that makes it easy to sit back and admire the nearby waterfront views.

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    Gray Shingle Style Wraparound Porch

    wraparound porch contemporary home

    Cardello Architects

    Whether you enter this shingle style home from the front or side door, you'll be able to make use of the expansive wraparound porch outside.

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    Farmhouse With Wooden Wraparound Porch

    farmhouse wraparound porch

    @homebycardinal / Instagram

    This farmhouse style home features a wooden wraparound porch on each level and looks even more stunning covered in snow. The wraparound porch is an ideal place to leave snowy or wet footwear before stepping indoors.

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    Classic Farmhouse With Wraparound Porch

    farmhouse style porch

    @homeandhallow / Instagram

    Here, another farmhouse home proves that a classic white wraparound porch will never go out of style, especially during the holiday season.

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    Modern Craftsman With Wraparound Porch

    modern cottage style home

    RHG A+D

    This modern craftsman home features a wraparound porch that doubles as a front deck and is slightly elevated, making it easy to sit outside while keeping an eye on kids or pets in the yard.

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    Brown Craftsman With Wraparound Porch

    wraparound porch and circular driveway

    Riverside Design

    A circular driveway and spacious wraparound porch add a grand touch to this craftsman home, making it appear ultra inviting.

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    Brown Shingle Style Wraparound Porch

    wraparound porch and brown siding

    Riverside Design

    Here is another example of a gorgeous shingle style home with a large wraparound porch. Note that many houses with wraparound porches will feature multiple doors, making it easy to enter into a mudroom as needed.

  • What are the four main types of porches?

    The four main types of porches include a front porch, back porch, screened porch, and three-season porch.

  • What is the point of a wraparound porch?

    A wraparound porch is expansive and features different areas to sit while still allowing protection from the elements.

  • What is a farmer's porch?

    A farmer's porch is the same length as the front of the house but does not wrap around the home.