This Wrapping Paper Organizer Fixed My Cluttered Closet

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Wrapping paper storage container

Photo: Amazon / Image Treatment: The Spruce

I have a small confession: my love for stationary and notecards has slowly, over time, morphed into a slight obsession with wrapping paper. Unfortunately, while wrapping paper starts out relatively concise and easy to store, I’ve noticed that it very quickly becomes unruly, unwieldy, and downright impossible to tame.

Never is this more true than during the holidays. This is why my current obsession is something I found almost three years ago: a fabric wrapping paper storage container.

Zober Premium Wrapping Paper Storage Container

Zober Premium Wrapping Paper Storage Container


It holds a ton of rolls

Once my kids turned birthday party age, it felt like the amount of gift wrap in our lives exploded. I needed more rolls on hand than I’d ever needed before. I love that this is built to hold 18-20 standard-sized rolls because I can easily keep a mix of all kinds of colors, themes, and styles on hand.

It has pockets

You know when you find a great dress that’s made even better because it has pockets? This is like that. The zippered lid is lined with plastic sleeves made for gift bags, which is one of the best things to save and reuse. When I tell you I haven’t bought a gift bag in six years, I’m not even exaggerating—I save them all and re-home them with gusto!

It makes it easy to waste less

There’s nothing more annoying than when you get down to the last of a wrapping paper roll, and the size of the sheet that’s left isn’t unusable, exactly, but it is awkward to save. This storage container completely fixes that problem.

All I do now is roll up the irregularly sized sheets and store them inside the other, fuller wrapping paper rolls. I also save tissue paper that can easily be re-fluffed, and, if I order something online that gets sent in plain brown kraft paper, that gets flattened, saved, and stored, too. It's perfect for letting the kids decorate and turn into their own DIY wrapping paper creation.

It has space for all the necessary extras

The container is slightly longer than a standard roll of gift wrap, and that’s by design. On one end, a divided space allows you to save all the other extras you need to wrap a gift—think bows, ribbons, tape, scissors, and tissue paper. If you’re extremely organized, you can even stock a box of neutral, blank cards so you're never caught out by a forgotten event.

It’s easy to store

Officially, the container is sized to store under your bed. But if that won’t work for some reason, it’s easy to stash anywhere. In our first flat, I kept it high up on a shelf in my closet because it’s lightweight and the handles make it easy to tug down as needed.

It’s also lived in coat closets and wardrobes, and currently it just sort of follows me into whatever room I’m in, waiting to be whipped open for a present-wrapping emergency. Which, by the way, is something I have already had two of this month. 'Tis the season!