Exclusive: X-Shot Hydro Series Water Blasters Launched

ZURU Unveils New Hydro Water Guns

We like ZURU Toys. While not yet a household name, ZURU has been on a mission to build increasingly high-value dart blasters that provide blaster performance equal to the category leaders, but at a lower price. And while their initial offerings were decidedly down-market in appearance and feel, recent models like the Bug Attack blasters have shown both creativity and an increasing emphasis on quality. Assuming they keep the improvements coming, we have no doubt their X-Shot line of blasters will...MORE soon be a legitimate alternative to Nerf, regardless of price.

It's very exciting, therefore, for us to be able to announce that ZURU Toys is expanding their X-Shot line of blasters to now include water guns of various sizes. And while the initial product offering is limited, and we don't see anything particularly groundbreaking in either design or functionality, we're excited to see ZURU enter this category in a more well-defined way, and have no doubt these initial blasters are just the tip of the iceberg. Here's what we know about each one, direct from ZURU Toys.  

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    X-Shot Hydro Series Typhoon Thunder

    The X-SHOT Water Blaster arsenal has arrived for extreme water action. Defeat the heat with the Large Water Blaster, which lets you blast water up to 30ft for ultimate water impact.

    • Blasts water up to 30ft / 10m
    • Refillable water tank
    • Pump-action
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    X-Shot Hydro Series Stealth Soaker

    The X-SHOT Water Blaster arsenal has arrived for extreme water action. Small and compact this small water blaster lets you drench the competition. Don’t let its size fool you, this blaster is the best for stealth soakage!

    • Blasts water up to 30ft / 10m
    • Refillable water tank
    • No batteries required
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    X-Shot Hydro Series Tornado Tide

    Create water warfare with X SHOT Water Blaster Tornado Tide that can shoot up to 30ft/10m. If you run out of ammo while in battle, refill with any bottle! Time to unleash the Tornado!

    • Blasts water up to 30ft / 10m
    • Refillable Water Tank
    • Compatible with any water bottle
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    X-Shot Hydro 3

    HYDRO from X-Shot is 3 blasters in one and 3 times the fun! Load up the blaster and fire the water, store and fill the water balloons or load and fire rockets and watch the fun explode! Summer just got so much more extreme with the latest and most innovative water gun from ZURU!

We'd like to thank ZURU for giving us an opportunity to showcase their new Hydro Series products. It's easy to see the upgraded visual appearance of recent X-Shot dart blaster models was not a fluke, with these Hydro water guns looking chunky and purposeful--none of the slab-sided styling seen in other value brands. Clearly, ZURU has determined to push themselves on the styling and overall quality fronts, now we just wonder if they can innovate beyond styling and price concerns. In other words, will their next roll-out of Hydro Series products include models that can shoot a stream of water beyond 30 feet? Will they consider incorporating constant pressure-type technologies? Will they increase capacities? Will they avoid the temptation to rely on triggerless or battery-powered designs (looking at you, Super Soaker)? In other words, will ZURU be able to take the leap from nice-looking but essentially pretty basic water blasting into something that can be truly competitive with more established water gun brands like Buzz Bee? Something tells us they will, and with water blasters that look this nice already, we think future models could take the category by storm.