Xfinity Home Security Review

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Xfinity Home Security

Xfinity Home


What We Like

  • Seamless integration with other Xfinity devices

  • Notifications via text, app notifications, e-mail and even TV

  • Easy to use

What We Don't Like

  • Pricing is not as transparent as some competitors

  • Equipment is slightly bulky


Xfinity Home Security

Xfinity Home


If you already have cable television and Internet services from Comcast, then it’s easy to add Xfinity Home to the package. A trained technician from Xfinity will install a keypad, entry sensors, motion detectors, and security cameras. The entire system, including video feeds and timelines, can be accessed via your television rather than strictly by a small control pad. Comcast offers Xfinity Home not strictly as an alarm system, but rather a complete home-automation solution for controlling devices like locks, lights, and climate. Xfinity commonly runs special bundled prices to make home security more affordable than competitors.

Xfinity Home
 Xfinity Home

Design and Installation 

Xfinity designs and manufactures its core set of equipment. The company understands the unique challenges of installing reliable sensors and cameras because it’s in the business of providing other home-tech services. The downside is that some of Xfinity Home’s equipment is slightly bulky. The same camera is used for both inside and outside, whereas competitors offer robust weatherproof cameras for outside and cute shelf-top cameras in the home. 

Xfinity Home is strictly a pro-installed system. Fortunately, Xfinity Home operates as a standalone division within Comcast, so the home technicians are trained for installing security and smart home devices

Standout Features 

What makes Xfinity Home unique among home security companies is its integration with your cable television. The company underscores the convenience of accessing controls and video footage in “the biggest screen in your home.” Notifications about activity, like when a door is opened, also appear on the television.

We also like that Xfinity Home makes its own thermostat, cameras, and smoke detector for tight integration. At the same time, the company has an active program to utilize third-party smart-home devices. Beyond that, there’s nothing special about Xfinity, other than the ease of working with a company that already supplies technical services to your home.

Xfinity Home
 Xfinity Home

How It Works 

There are multiple ways to control Xfinity Home, including the dedicated touchscreen, a separate keypad, the company’s mobile app, and the Xfinity remote control. Like most other systems, there are various home and away modes.

Custom “scenes” can be created to automatically turn lights on when you enter and off at the end of the night—and similarly alter the climate settings at preferred times. The same holds for being notified about a specified activity via text, app notifications, and e-mail—or directly on your television. The subscriber portal allows you to manage your account and set up preferences.

Price and Monthly Plans

Xfinity Home pricing is not as transparent as some competitors. Exclusive deals and bundles vary based on your location. That said, you can expect a standard kit with a touch-screen panel, three door/window sensors, a single motion detector, and a separate wireless keypad to cost about $400. Systems with more components will add cost.

Monthly monitoring services, including real-time alerts and cellular backup, start at $39.95. If you want recording of video clips based on specified actions, like when motion is detected, the price of Xfinity’s Home Security Plus Plan goes up to $49.95. Continuously recorded video, with the ability to rewind and review footage for 10 days, adds $9.95 per month to the plan.

Xfinity Home
 Xfinity Home


We put Xfinity Home and Vivint in the same camp because both companies provide custom equipment and a high level of service. ADT sources its equipment from multiple providers, and the quality of attention varies depending on the local dealership. Xfinity is the only security company that allows you to interact with the system using your television and remote control.

Final Verdict

Easy to use, with seamless integration of other Xfinity services.

Xfinity Home builds and installs a highly competent and professionally installed home security system. The performance is excellent, and it’s easy to use. But the main argument for using Xfinity Home is the convenience and cost savings of bundling security monitoring with your other Xfinity services.


  • Product Name Xfinity Home Security
  • Product Brand Xfinity
  • Price $39.95
  • Price $39.95/month